Boldtusk thinks he is good


I have a defense win rate of around 30% with Boldtusk tank and Rigard flank.


Boldtusk is a great tank. Solid defense and HP at 711 and 1107, the heal is only 27% but he charges quite fast on defense with tiles crashing into him and he heals the whole team. The +48% attack for 4 turns is what really makes him great. Defensive heroes already are awarded a +20% attack bonus. If your heroes have a +68% attack bonus and you have a pulverizer, let’s say Grimm. He can easily one shot the main target and then reduce the nearby enemies defense by 34% for 6 turns. Super solid. I’m far happier to attack kashrek than boldtusk.


As @TylerDirtyn and you have said I agree BT is a good tank for a 4*.

In my particular case when attacking/raiding I’d take him over Kashhrek in a heart beat because my attacking blue heroes just happen to be better.

I accept that, all things being equal (ie. If there are plenty of good blue and red heroes to choose from) there’s a case for targeting Kashhrek over Boldtusk

However it all depends on the setup. You have to compare apples with apples. Kashhrek is a different type of tank to BT. He’s all about wasting time. If you flank him with a decent healer and a hard and fast hitter, or perhaps even better - 2 hard and fast hitters in the flanks with a big healer in the wings (which I wouldn’t do with BT) - I don’t agree that you’d necessarily avoid a Boldtusk setup.

To compare tanks properly you need to compare team setups. I don’t agree with blanket generalizations.

Boldtusk can be better than Kashhrek with the right setup, but the other way around is true too.

PS Rigard is the only vanilla healer I don’t have. I’d probably flank him with Kash if I had him or actually maybe I’d put him in the Wings as Kashhrek doesn’t always need the supporting big heal straight away.


I wouldn’t avoid a boldtusk I’ll attack any team with a 4* tank, I attack lots of 5* teams too. It’s just that like you said kashrek is designed to waste time. He isn’t really much of a threat. Boldtusk is actually a threat with the attack boost. I’m much happier to attack kashrek tank than boldtusk tanks for sure.


I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree


  1. Boosts attack for all
  2. Has solid defence plus health
  3. Heals all


  1. Has better defence plus health
  2. Heals more but only adjacent and himself
  3. Because of 1 and 2 is harder to break through, wasting more time and letting the rest of the team charge their power up.

I’d put it to you that both BT and Kashhrek are great 4* tanks and I wouldn’t dare to say which one is generally better.


This were one of my first defending teams and were holding cups around 2250 each night.

I found that Boldtusk were better over that limit, when flanked by 5* snipers.


I don’t have 5* snipers just yet, but I’d guess that Kashhrek would work better with two flanking 5* snipers and then say Rigard or Vivica on wing.

I’d be more inclined to chuck Rigard next to BT because BT’s heal isn’t as much and his def plus health is lower. (I do get though that your opponent will trigger BTs attack boost for your snipers if BT is tank. But I find that if you take the tank out quicker, which I’d argue is easier if BT is tank, the rest takes care of itself.)

But hey what do I know, I’m just a FTP and everyone seems to think I’m wrong. I don’t mind either way.


I am actively looking for Boldtusk tanks to kill :smile:, because at the moment I am forced to stack Kiril and Boril,

and what a suprise I always reroll Kashrek tanks.

On a side note I put Kiril in the left edge position so I dont have Kiril and Boril next to each other.


I tried a 3 stack against Kashrek with Colen, Boldtusk and 2 40 Marjana and he melts in 4 tiles, that’s too ridiculous. I can’t kill Boldtusk in 4 tiles with Alasie Grimm and Kiril. All things considered the only 4 star tanks I avoid is Rigard and only because I am short yellow heroes. I have Chao, 6 darts and 20 orbs and no more yellows.


Are you sure the Boldtusk you fought didn’t have a 4* troop, and Kashhrek had a lower level troop?

I shouldn’t need to explain that Kash’s defense plus health is higher, so if both BT and K have identical troops, Kash will last longer. There is no need to argue about that. It speaks for itself.

Try my Kashhrek with a level 17 4* troop if you like. If you get a good board you will win easy. If not, it could be fun.


The only thing Kashrek has more of is health. He’s squishy compared to Boldtusk


Man I wish they had hero trading cause I have 22 5* and 4* yellow heros and about 17 of them I will never level.


Lol and that’s after I fed a bunch to joon.


To measure squishiness you need to look at a combination of defence and health.

648 + 1321 = 1969 for K

711 + 1107 = 1818 for BT

The 151 gap makes a huge difference with no troops, and Kashhrek is less squishy.

I haven’t done the calcs for a maxed 4* Deepwood Elder Ents or Barbaric Alpha Minataurs, but maybe let’s do the calcs now

Both those 4* troops offer + 25% defence and +9% health.

648* 1.25 + 1321*1.09 = 2249.89 for K

711*1.25 + 1107 *1.09 = 2095.38 for BT

K still less squishy

By the way…I’m not blind to Ks vulnerabilities. He is basically not very good at all in a position other than tank, but his sturdiness makes him half useful against hard hitting bosses outside of raids


Triton next to boldtusk is TIGHT



I love healer tanks…as the attacker.

I would prefer Li Xiu as tank.