Boldtusk still worth Ascending to max?

Trying to figure out if I should max boldtusk. I have enough blades to max him out, but should I max him?

Or should I max out my Natalya ? She gets most use from Raids to Titans.


Depends if you have:

  • Healers: BT is a healer, but not the best on this issue. A lot of 4* heal more than him. However his healing helps A LOT at same time he buffs attack.
  • Rings: Probably you have 6 rings to spend on Natalya since you’re saying you’ll take her to max. But if you don’t have 6 rings, go for BT!
  • Another red: Now after the first two, if you have enough healers and the rings to max Nat, it only comes to your roster. If you have Marjana for example, BT would be a better team-maker than Nat.

Either way, they are both awesome red heroes. Just pick the best fit for your team.

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Yes, max him. Without knowing your team composition and based strictly on the relative value of the heroes…


For what it takes to max Boldtusk vs Natalya, you’re going to get better overall value in maxing Boldtusk. And in many scenarios with his heal and attack boost, Boldtusk will be a better complement to a team than Natalya will ever be.


My main team


I sub out the 2 reds for Kasrek and Caedmon if the tank is blue and flip in Chao for Kelile if Tank is black

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Boldtusk is an evergreen, like Rayban glasses or Converse shoes.

Wear a Boldtusk, you never regret it :face_with_monocle:


How is this even a question? Boldtusk gives the largest attack buff in its category (48%) and is unrivaled by any other regular 4* or 5* heroes. Wu Kong gives a stronger attack buff, but his special is a completely different category. Boldtusk is your go-to pretty much everywhere (titans, raids, wars, events, defense team, etc.). He is so good that he has been nerfed in the past. If you aren’t using Wu and Boldtusk against your standard titan, you are doing something really wrong. I can assure you that you will never regret ascending this character.

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Without Boldtusk I’ve been able to hit 71k+ on 7* titan with Kiril and Wu.

But I have enough blades for both. Just thought maybe i’d save incase I get Marjana since I need a red sniper.

you will gain more blades for Marj well before you gain the rings to go with it. While Kiril is good and he replaces your BT on Blue Titans, you should be using BT for all the rest of them. He is the best 4* hero hands down.

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yeeeeeeessssssssss! :grinning:


Aright hell get powered up. Gives me more team options by moving Kiril for another

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