Boldtusk special, no buff?

(I eventually made it, thanks to tiebreaker extra damage, but …)

In my latest match in the tournament, I fired Boldtusk’s special several times, and it never gave me an attack buff. (I’d have thought, with tournament rules, it would have given two, but it gave none.) Meanwhile, Vivica’s special gave me defence buffs as usual …

I couldn’t see any effect that might have prevented the attack buff, nor am I aware of any such … did I run into a bug here?

Next match, Boldtusk buff worked again (and gave buff booster), so it’s either a Heisenbug or some effect of which I remain unaware …

Okay, speculating: Might (opponent’s) Grazul’s protection against ailments also (under buff booster rules?) prevent attack buffs? Or might (opponent’s) Zeline’s dispell stick, somehow preventing further attack buffs?

… but not defence buffs?

ETA: Opponent’s entire defence team was: Mother North – Drake Fong – Justice – Grazul – Zeline.

Two things:

  1. The buff booster thing won’t show up as a little icon for your team

  2. For BTs one, the attack buff may have been applied but visually masked by the attack up stat from BT

Idk, those are my thoughts. My main issue with the buff-booster tournament is that the defence team seem to get a much bigger effect from the “buff boost” than the offence team…

It didn’t show up on the press-and-hold dialog either. (Neither did BT’s attack buff, nor did the little icon for that show up.)

I’m sorry; I have no idea what you’re saying here.

First part of your response answered both statements.

The second one was just saying that the effect of the buff booster may have been masked by BT special bit you answered that.

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