Boldtusk or Wilbur which one to level up

Just got a blade, so now I have 4, both Wilbur and BT on 3/60 so which one do I level.
I also have GM & Marjana, but they both need 2 rings to level up, so not sure if it’s worth waiting for them

Wilbur first, then Boldtusk and finally Gravemaker. Marjanwho?

Screenshot your roster please.
Need to know what other heroes in other colors to tell you.
But basicly if you have good other healers … then you OFC go for Wilbur … if not then you will need a solid tank and this will be Boldtusk … as he is a healer and a buffer too.

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You already have Kiril and Rigard, so my vote is on Wilbur.


Wilbur OFC
20 things

Yeah I was leaning towards Wilbur as he’s pretty good, not sure where to use him though.
Thanks for the replies, appreciated

He gives his best while attacking persistent foes:

:100: Titans
:100: Raids
:100: War
:100: Events
:no_entry_sign:not farming


Wilbur is good for farming, since you can take your favorite fast one-target shooters, they will get mana fast and then kill everyone with specials while enemies are under Wilbur’s soul link.

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So you use 2 specials to do the same thing you can do with another hero in the first place?
I’m confused.

Just levelled Wilbur so now I’ll take him on a test run…and I got Wu Kong the other day, so I’m excited to see what he can do on titans as well

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Thanks everyone who replied :heart_eyes:

Argh, he doesn’t stack with Kiril whose my favourite healer, but I guess you can’t have everything

Most AoE heroes have slow mana, so you can farm faster if you use several fast mana shooters and Wilbur.

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If you take into account mana then you should think about this:
Slow = 12
Average + Fast = 18

Stages goes from 3 to 4 waves with 3-5 mob each + boss wave, ghost tiling is widely available.

Wu Kong stacks with Kiril’s ATK but Kiril’s DEF buff will have conflicts with Wilbur’s one.
You could always use Kiril first and then Wilbur to have “the best of both worlds”.

Oh, nice never thought of that magic
Great forum and great replies.
I might come here again :grinning:

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Average and fast can (and should) be different colors, while slow must be the same color.

Let’s assume that for each turn, you fire 4 tiles on average, and all combinations have even distribution of color. So, each turn on average charge each color for 4/5 of tiles.

So, to charge 8 tiles of the same color, it would take 8 / 4 * 5 = 10 turns on average, to charge 10 tiles it would take 10 / 4 * 5 = 12.5 turns on average, and to charge 12 tiles it would take 12 / 4 * 5 = 15 turns on average.

So, slow heroes will fire once every 15 turns, while you can fire combination of average + fast every 12.5 turns.

Should I write why making calculations on boards that have yet to come without factoring player’s skill is a waste or time or it is superfluous?

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