Boldtusk or lancelot- for fighter class?

I’m in doubt who I’m going to climb into the fighter class, boldtusk or lancelot.
I like the lancelot very much, but he has low life and defense and now I can fix this, on the other hand the boldusk if it increases his life and the defense he becomes a real beast.
if it were you, what would you do?

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These questions always are dependent on the rest of your roster, but almost without question the answer is Boldtusk, in this case.

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Tank, healer, high attack boost.

Boldtusk because he’s a pretty good chef as @Gryphonknight reminded me

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Normally I now say “it depends on your roster”

Unfortunately I cannot do that here.

Boldtusk is the best 4* Fighter ( Delilah for 5* ) Click for details

Tusk is too versatile to deny him the emblems.

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