Boldtusk or Athena on the far left?(Need advice on my D team)


I know putting Boldtusk on far left is a good strategy(a lot of top 10 players are using it). but Athena is the squishiest on my team. Can she really handle the second postion?
Since defense AI would use abilities from left to right if all heroes have full mana, Boldtusk and Athena have to be on the 1st and 2nd positions.
I need suggestions, Boldtusk-Athena or Athena-Boldtusk (dont tell me to put boldtusk in the middle LOL)


For defense: Athena-Bold

For offence (If you use the same team): Bold - Athena


Why would order be different on offence?

The safest spot on offense is still the far left or right. Because the 3 middle spots get hit more by the “and minor damage to nearby heroes”.

The spot 2 gets hit if spots 1-3 are targeted by such ability, while the spot 1 gets only hit when spots 1-2 are targeted,


Yeah, that’s why I ordered them differently.
You answered your own question.


I don’t understand your reasoning.

Only reason to put Athena first on defense is to protect her from damage. If that is not an issue, you want bold first, because he will buff Athena and then she will attack. Bold’s special gets no benefit from Athena’s special.

On offense you can choose the order of activation, so the only reason to set the order is to protect someone from the abilities I mentioned.

So why do you want to protect different hero on attack and defense?


Or should I just swap out Athena and use Thorne on the same position(D team)? He might not be a good choice though.


This is my reasoning:

On defense:

  • His Boldtusk can take more damage than Athena
  • Boldtusk provides a heal (and buff)
  • Boldtusk in 2nd position means he will be hit more often by tiles, making it more likely his heal will go off than in 1st position
  • Athena in 1st position would trigger her special before the other hero’s attacks should several specials become active the same turn

On offence:

  • Boldtusk on the far flank minimizes his risk of splash-damage from opposing hero specials.


Thorne is a very bad hero. He has a lot of defense andhealth, but his special ability is just damage without any buffs or debuffs. That is much weaker than Athena or Grimm that lower target defense in addition to the damage. That damage dealing special is very weak because Thorne’s attack stat is so low. He will not do enough damage, even with the very high 445% multiplier to really make an impact. If he was fast speed, then maybe, but at medium. No…

He doesn’t work well as a tank either, despite his high defense and health, because you would want the tank to be able to heal or protect your team with her special. Thorne does neither, and I don’t think his good defense compensates for that.

At the top I haven’t seen Thorne in a team since I can remember. I used him in the beginning, but soon replaced him with Magni that is far superior, even after his nerf.


On defense it is good reasoning, except the last point which is the opposite. Boldtusk on the left of Athena means his attack buff will increase the damage Athena does, while activating Athena before Boldtusk will do nothing, because Boldtusk special doesn’t do any damage.

On offense, it is still a question do you want to protect Athena or Boldtusk. Sure Boldtusk will take more splash damage but he can also take more hits than Athena. At least at those levels. A level 80 Athena would be a different story.


We’ré talking about the same thing, but assuming different conditions.

You assume Boldtusk and Athens specials both get activated the same turn. In which case you’really completely correct. Bold before Ath is the correct call.

I always assume the Boldtusk buff is dispelled and that his only useful feature is his fat a$$ and heal. And that it’s much benficial to protect Athena and get her special off before the rest of the hero’s do their autoattacks/specials.

So we simply have different thoughts on the defending meta :slight_smile:

And I can’t really say anything about the lvl 80 hero game play, since I have none haha!


Sorry guys I dont use Bboldtusk on offense, I use Rigard instead since his abilities are more useful for my squishy team.
By the way do you guys put Lixiu on your offense teams? She is less useful in offense team in my opinion.


Well there are points for and against both alternatives on offense. It is really hard to test what produces better results, so it is just opinions.

Personally I wouldn’t use a level 60 Athena, if I was able to use some level 60 or 70 4* hero. Don’t know the OP roster, though.

The slower your hero is, the stronger it has to be, or it will not survive long enough to activate.


That is one thing we can agree 100% on :slight_smile:


just got Justice, Im leveling him. My only other higer level hero is Sabina, who is even squishier than Athena…


I don’t have Justice and it is a hero I rarely see used. Boarasaurus though uses a level 80 justice on defense in middle spot. It is nasty I’ll tell you. Ton of defense and health and that special shuts down the opponent my for 4 turns. Misses take away both damage and mana gain. But I can’t say how it works on attack. On titans it is useless. I would not swap Athena for Justice if I were you.


I would put bold in the middle he is your tank and takes more of the damage while your 2 fast mana like caedone and one of your other fast manna can have time to build up there manna therefore attacking faster and more times while on the ends you have slow manna or healer they take time to build there special up so they need to be protected until they use there specials .


Li Xiu is my only yellow besides Wukong: monkeys are not for raiding in my opinion.

That said, I think she’s epic at it: more of my wins come from LX than Athena actually… anything which drives the special rate in your favor is what seals raid wins for me generally. I’d like Chao or maybe even Leonidas better (maybe, something to be said for mana drain off everyone), but slow on the edge where some people stick their nasty AE’s never get off unless I’ve already lost… actually average on the edge rarely gets off either with LX in my attacking lineup, fast is like 50/50 depending if I can kill the tank before or after the second strike round… if I can kill the tank before it specials, it’s auto win anyway for the most part.

My experience with LX through mid-cups level (1500-2250); high end probably breaks down but I haven’t gotten to that point yet.