Boldtusk, Lady Loki and Mitsuko Dilemma

Hey there everyone! I recently maxed Lady Loki and put her on my red mono team, and I’m uncertain about both timing and firing order of these hero’s.

To set the stage - all are average speed and usually charge at the same time. Let’s say they are charged and that Vela is ready (or almost ready) to fire as well.

Here are my options as I see them:

  1. Fire BT, Fire LL and Fire Mits away from Vela. Pros: Vela probably dies, get 48% attack boost. Cons: LL doesn’t get the attack boost (80%) from moving 10 status ailments.

  2. Wait until Vela fires, then hit with Lady Loki for 230% to all.

  3. Wait until Vela fires, then for BT and then LL. In this scenario BTs buff wipes Vela’s attack status ailment so LL only hits for 180% but she does have BTs attack up.

Screen shots of Lady Loki and Mits with BTs attack bonus for reference.

So which option do y’all think is optimal?

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Fire JF before vela, received no damages and all the statuts from her, fire back all the status ailments to the opponent with Loki so they get the attack debuff and the Dot. Also Loki removes the ailments before firering so she won’t be crippled by the attack debuff.
You can hold BT until you really need the heal.

As for mits, unless there is also Finley, just take Maŕjana or Tyr instead or any other red in fact.

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Thanks for your response.

JF of course doesn’t eliminate damage from Vela but does greatly reduce it. In fact I’ve noticed that Mits’ reflect doesn’t seem to kill Vela since the nerf, probably at least in part JF’s +94% ice defense buff. Maybe she would be better on the bench.

I intended to add to the post that I do have Marjana +7 and could replace someone with her if that was would be best.

I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes, thanks again. My only regret is that Mits is at +15 on emblems and tile damage will suffer.

Yeah it was a figure of speech when talking about no damages but under JF buff it’s less than 90 per hero so almost nothing…

Your mitsuko can still be useful for war or in certain situation (other flanks, Finley, etc.)