Boldtusk, Grimm, or Caedmon?

Okay. Here is my dilemma. I have both Boldtusk and Grimm at 3-60. Caedmon is still not at his third ascension yet. I just got my fourth hidden blade from a chest today. I have 2 warm capes, and am planning to get a third today from FrostMarch. Also, I have 5 sturdy shields, 4 of which I’m planning to use on Caedmon when he is ready.

However, I only have one pair of fine gloves. Gloves really seem to elude me. I have plenty of compasses.

So… What should I do? Ascend Boldtusk now and hope I have another pair of gloves for Grimm by the time I get another warm cape? Or should I finish leveling Caedmon before deciding?

Show us your roster - without seeing it I would say boldtusk - so useful everywhere.


All great heroes! Just finish them as you can. Because you already have the Hidden Blades it makes the decision easier. Finish Boldtusk first.


Agree with using the ascension mats you have today. They’re all fine heroes that you’ll be using for as long as you play E&P.

Gloves seem less rare for me than the color-specific mats. I have enough stored up to open a proctology clinic. They’ll come to you in time.


That’s funny…I have gloves for days but it’s the compasses that elude me.


Here’s my roster!

As others have said, without knowing your other heroes, we are just making generalizations.

Boldtusk is a very good healer and tank.
Grimm is one of three 4* heroes available from legendary training with Ramming Pulverizer which debuffs defense for 6 turns ( very long for a buff or debut ).
Caedmon is one of two 4* heroes available from legendary training with Piercing Strike which removes all enemy buffs. I only fight 5* Titans ( no clue about 7*+ titans ) so it is mostly useful in raiding/ war.

I like healers, and Boldtusk is a very good one. In fact he doubles as a tank. With a healer you can complete more rare quests, completing more rare quests get you more ascension materials which let you level more 4* heroes to 4.70 .

Grimm has the lowest defense and HP of 4* Heroes with Ramming Pulverizer, but his attack stat is the highest. It’s 6 turn duration really helps the rest of your team, especially if you can debuff the titan or a triple boss.

Caedmon has the lowest defense and HP of 4* Heroes with Piercing Strike, but his attack stat is the highest. The permanent nature of removing enemy buffs is nice, but unlike the other two heroes it is a reactionary move. If the enemy has zero buffs, you don’t need to remove them. While the other two ( healing+ attack buff, splash damage+ defense debuff ) are useful no matter what the enemy does.

So just based on the information in your post, I would choose Boldtusk.

Edit: Boldtusk’s attack buff stacks with Wu Kong and the heal helps keep him alive

Sabina ( basically a purple clone of Melendor ) gives you a second Wu Kong healer ( see above link ) and clears enemy buffs like Caedmon. But when you eventually level Melendor you can swap out Sabina and Melendor depending on the situation.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I have ascended Boldtusk into a big boy. Hopefully I will be able to find more gloves for my other two kiddos, but until then, I will keep them at 3-60.

Thanks again!


You won’t regret it. He is useful in all aspects of the game.

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Good choice. It’s never wrong to have Boldtusk in your lineup. You should max Grimm next, then the old guy. All great heroes.


Oh wow. I just got a pair of gloves in a mystic vision…


The Devs are listening. :wink:

Dude don’t ask for more gloves! I had 6 compasses and 1 pair of gloves. After complaining I have now 10 compasses and 22 (twenty two!!!) fine gloves. I don’t fill elemental chests, I fill gloves chests :sob::sob:


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