Boldtusk finally maxed,now what

Ok so after what seemed like forever I finally got Boldtusk maxed out,my question now is who should be my priority now to get leveled up, please don’t say Sonya as I have been waiting on one more warm cape forever now lol.

I’d work on one hero in each color at the same time to get the 20% matched color bonus.

Not doing that is equivalent to wasting roughly one month of leveling progress out of every six.

I’d recommend these priorities to start:

  • Red: finish Namahage, then Azar

  • Yellow: finish Hu Tao to 3-60 or 4-70 if you have the mats

  • Green: finish Kashhrek to 3-60 or 4-70 if you have the mats

  • Blue: finish Gunnar, then Valen

  • Purple: finish Tiburtus, then Rigard


thanks for the advice, that is pretty much what i was thinking too almost in that exact order lol

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Everything @zephyr1 said, but I would leave Hu Tao at 3/60 in hope of a better yellow by that time.

My opinion:
Red: Namahage, Hakwmoon, Wabbit, Azar
Blue: Gunnar, Valen, Gato
Green: Brienne, 2nd Belith
Yellow: Gan Ju, 2nd Bane
Purple: Cho chin, Gil-Ra

Red: Kelile (no other option here), if I were you, I start GM.
Blue: Sonya waiting mats.
Green: Kashrek 3.60, then start Melendor, then Caedmon is also nice.
Yellow: Hu Tao 3.60, and start Danzaburo (decide later after enjoy playstyle which will ascend to tier 4).
Purple: feed *1 to Rigard, and *2 to Tiburtus.

I like collecting 3.60 *4 heroes, and play in raid/map, then later to decide which one should better acsend first.

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I actually have gotten a ton of use out of Hu Tao, and don’t regret maxing him at all.

I’ve written about that before, most recently here:


My opinion is 1 in each color but make evelyn the green she does fine work from 3-70

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