Boldtusk dying in clanwar arrow storm after reviving

There is one problem that I ran into though and it happened in a clan war. My boldtusk revived with 1 hp and got caught in the enemy arrow rain and died because of it.
Arrow rain takes off 25% of the heroes current health so it would have reduced it to below 1 but not 0. Actual health would have been 0.75 hp
Boldtusk dying like that put me at a big disadvantage at that time as I would have been able to save him otherwise or he would have drawn fire from enemy heroes, saving the rest of my team.

Is this a bug or should the arrow rain be able to kill any hero with 1 hp left?
Has anyone else have this happen as well?

Since there isnt any health below 1, that was just bad luck. Maybe they should increase the revive health to two to stand this particular and very unlikely happening.


If BT revives…it takes 1 of tile (of a color you dont have in the game) and he is out…arrow war is the same…
@Olmor said there is 1 or 0 HP…



You may want to vote here:


I’m actually fine with the hero’s reviving with 1 hp.
Even with so little health they can wreak havoc with the attacking team. Colen getting his special off, setting me on fire happened today. Heck, he revived about 5 times in a row.
I also had a boldtusk revive 4 times in a row and launch his special at least once in between.
Even though he has just 1 hp left he has to be dealt with by the attacking team and as such soaks up damage meant for other heroes.
What I didn’t like is having my boldtusk killed by the arrow storm in the clan war as it shouldn’t be able to reduce his health to 0. The Gods of Math demand satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m fine with making the revive with 2 hp or make the arrow storm a non lethal attack. 1% is starting to go towards overkill. The revive skill can be a major pain in the butt as it is. I don’t believe it needs to get more powerful as it is.

Also, thanks for pointing it out to me Olmer. I already knew of the thread but it is always appreciated as it is sometimes hard to keep track of what was posted here :wink:

More simple solution would be to do the arrow attack before the revive.
Happened to me as well and was frustrated about it because he was full mana and could heal. Now instead got wiped.

No, therefore they would need to change several mechanics.

Revive by talent will happen at the end of a turn and arrows will help at the beginnig of another turn.

Easiest fix would be to increase the hp count upon reviving from 1 hp to 2 hp.
More work would be to make the arrows non-lethal, in that they can’t reduce the hp count below 1 hp.

Making the revive grant 2 hp instead of 1 hp will still make it an easy kill for the opponent eventhough they would have to hit with at least 2 tiles of any colour.
I would like to change as little as possible to the revive skill beyond that as it is already a pretty powerful skill to have.

If your team has been hit by Colens’ special and you have no healers then the revive of Colen may win you the match. When you hit Colen and he revives he is there but you won’t be able to do any damage untill the start of the next round.
Meanwhile the health of your team keeps dropping untill it runs out or you are dead. All the while you are glaring at that ghostly figure that you can’t touch.

And yes, he is probably giving you the finger :wink:

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Had a similar situation last war, not with revive, but one hero had only 1 HP left and the arrows killed him :frowning:

There’s no 0.75 HP and I think the engine does not distinguish between “revived hero with 1 HP” or “damaged hero with 1 HP” - the arrows come after the turn, before the next turn of the enemy, and that’s it.

If arrow barrage should take 25% of health, then it should take 4 consecutive arrow barrage to kill1 HP revived hero, but regrettably it doesn’t work that way. Even some heroes with about 50% health remaining die after a couple of arrows if not healed.
I guess the 25% may not be function of the remaining HP.

I actually suspect that the arrow barrage even with 25% damage has a minimum damage of 1HP or

decimal is not counted (1 - 0.25 = 0.75 ~ 0HP)

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Greetings from Mr. GauĂź :wink:

I see here a problem:

25 % of 1hp means that the hero will have 0.75 hp left.
Why is the game rounding negative and not positive?
I understand that it rounds negative for gems, talent lvls etc. but why fir 1 hp revive?

this is an issue and should be fixed.

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It isn’t really a rounding, it’s a simple cut of decimals.


The minimum damage for something that does damage at all is 1hp. Tiles with no backing hero do 1hp damage. So, this is a reasonable way for arrows to work: 25% damage, with a minimum of 1hp.


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