Boldtusk doesn't get damages!

@Petri @EmpiresPuzzles
I been having this issue every time in arena when I get Boldtusk on enemies def lines.
He is not take damages by my stacking up blue heros hits of tiles!

This is really annoying me, because If I got to the end with my 2 Boril vs 1 Boldtusk … The def team wins by time every time.

P:S I don’t have other blue choices to stack vs reds.
P:S2 Also seem that Boril has to use 16 tiles to charge up even if his tiles hits an empty slots!

Edit I have this just after 1.14.1
Can you help me?


This seems like an issue that would be much easier to look at / talk about if we had a video or some screenshots of this happening.

Are you saying he takes no damage at all for you?
That he takes very little damage?
That he doesnt take “strong” damage from blue tiles?
Does it happen all the time?
Are you attack debuffed when it happens?
Are you blinded and miss when it happens?
Is Boldtusk defence buffed when it happens?
Does he opponent have high defence troops on him? And your Boril has low attack troops?

So many questions

Boldtusk doesn’t get damage when blue tiles hits him.
I don’t know if this is just with Boril or what. As I said I don’t have other blue heros to try.

Boldtusk get hits from other clores but not Blues!

Its like if the blue is missing how ever I use 2 Boril!

This is every time Bold is middle tank of the enemy’s def line.

My trops are 10&6 3* !
And the enemies not always higher than mine.

Try to record a short video of it happening and post here. Its much easier to analyze.

DU Recorder is an easy app to use.

Sadly no free space to do so.

That puts us in a pickle.
I would suggest submitting a ticket instead in that case. Surely you have room for a screenshot or two

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I will try to be fast enough to take screenshots when blue tiles hits Boldtusk with no effecting.

Are you using iPhone or Android?

Android has a screen capture app you can get called DU Recorder. Then upload the recording to youtube and post the youtube link.

iPhone has a built in screen capture utility. Same process with youtube.

I just tested 1 Boril vs Boldtusk as tank. No issues, except lost trophies/energy :wink:

I’m afraid you will need video proof, so we (they) can see the exact scenario.

If you have no space for video (200mb or so?), surely you can delete some temporary/cache files or something?

Every thing now is good, don’t know why but it seem to be my boril can hit/kill boldtusk .
Thanks for every one.
Problem solved some how.
Please @Rook close it.