BOLDTUSK 5/8 what to do to get him to 8?

My hero has 3 bars done and at lol 33.
The last 4 times I’ve tried leveling it his attack won’t go up. Is there a secret or something to getting his attack to go up?
It’s been stuck at 5 of 8 for really long time now.

Just keep levelling and ascending him. Not particularly secret, but I guess it’s something. :slight_smile:

Well one important thing is, for the maximum chance of getting the special to 8/8 as early as possible, to feed only 1* of the same color as the hero. But feeding also 2* of the same color is usually fine too for 4*, if they’re going to the 4th ascension tier especially.

But I have on occasion restricted 4* for a time to same color 1* only, when they were getting higher in ascension/level but their special was staying stubbornly low… those times are pretty rare though.

For the record, the reason 1* give a better chance to get the special to max earlier compared to 2*, even though 2* have double the chance of improving the special, is that the XP from 2* is more than double that of 1*.

Then there’s the question of feeding one at a time vs 10 at a time, or something in between… there’s some threads that talk about that in great detail. The takeaway is there is mathematically, over the long run, nearly no difference. I’ve found myself that feeding 1 at a time, which I tried for a while, is simply too cumbersome. Understanding the math behind it somewhat, I now usually aim for 10 at a time, but fewer is fine too.

But absolutely the single most important key thing, is to feed same color 1* if getting the special to 8/8 is a high priority.

FYI, you can continue to feed a hero after he has reached the maximum ascension/level and his special isn’t max yet… it doesn’t feel great to use feeder heroes that way, but it is possible. But only on the max ascension tier, so you can’t do this with a 4* at 3/60 for example, only 4/70.

By the way… Boldtusk at 3/33, with the special at 5/8… that’s still pretty fine. Long way to go to 4/70. If he’s going to stay at 3/60 for a while, then maybe feed only same color 1* for a while, if not it’s too early to worry about that. But I would avoid feeding anything non-red for now either way.

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It’s all chance as said before, my worst case was Guardian Panther, I didn’t hit 8/8 until 3/66, but those last lvls from 50-70 take a long time, you still have a good chance going from 33-60.

Thanks for the info. Just thought it was a trick but I guess it’s all chance