Bold tusk. Leveled one is wstronger than 1 wil an emblem

Do both have max costume bonus?


Boldtusk’s base attack is 588 so the one of the left is at +3% (incomplete costume) the one on the right is at +5% (complete costume).

Never understood, thou, why costume icon doesn’t come in bronze (incomplete), silver (complete but costume skill unmaxxed) and gold (complete and costume skill maxxed) or something similar: it would be a lot more informative than it currently is.


I’d kinda honed in on that as the solution :stuck_out_tongue: was trying the “lead a horse to water” style solution hehe :wink:


I knew :slightly_smiling_face: but I wanted to point out that the current costume icon could be improved.
It would be helpful information on a glimpse, would help players and would be incredibly helpful with training of costumes for multiple heroes.

You bring horses to rivers, I build water reservoirs :rofl:
Or exchange horses for camels? :thinking:

Thanks guys. Am fixing the costume now. Didn’t realise I hadn’t finished leveling it.

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You are welcome.
You are not the first (and won’t be the last) :wink:
Been there myself several times :rofl:

Enhance costume icon? Eh? Eh? Eh? :dog2:

Yeah full Costume bonus requires completely leveled costume and maxing out the special which can be problematic for 3 and even 4* costumes.

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