Bobo inconsistently compare to Theobald

If Bobo fire when enemy is taunt (I tested Krampus) then enemy are protected and no one get Def. down

While Theobald with similar mechanics, overwrite taunt, tested by others in Theobald forum discussion.

You mean attack down. Krampus would usually have the highest defence and that defence up is undispellable

I think Bobo can overwrite Krampus’s increase defense since Bobo’s lower defense is also undispellable too.

Now I have checked and I have screenshots. It is even worse to use Bobo when Krampus is active. Hence Bobo mechanics is not consistent with Theobald.

Below are info from screenshots right after Krampus has activated his taunt:

Krampus def. before Bobo fire
Def: 1173
And increase of +516 (44%)

Then fires Bobo
Krampus def; 1173 and +633 (44+10)% as it says on Krampus card the def goes up.
Hence Bobo do the situation even worse

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No he can’t, since krampus’ defence down is undispellable as well. Unless bobo applies his defence down first, then krampus won’t get his defense boost
But the focus here is that Bobo’s debuffs is subjected to taunt while Theobald’s skill is not


My C Renfeld and C Wu Kong can overwrite their own debuff (I don’t have any heroes with undispellable buff skill). I think undispellable debuff can overwrite undispellable debuff and undispellable buff can overwrite undispellable buff (same can overwrite) but undispellable debuff can’t overwrite undispellable buff and undispellable buff can’t overwrite undispellable debuff (same can’t overwrite)

About Bobo and Theobald vs taunt, I think that Bobo’s skill vs taunt work as intented but Theobald’s skill is bug that Theobald’s skill shouldn’t bypass taunt.

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