🎪 Bobo – 5* Ice/ Blue from Starfall Circus

Are you sure that’s how it works? I thought he would do exactly as the titan does.

Pretty sure…seen it in vids and tried it myself one of the previous Mythics

If we could get confirmation of this it would be greatly appreciated.

Lool tried again then…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Lord loki exactly reflects the titan special and the titan special is not enhancing tile like jott/rata but just debuff tiles.


Bummer :frowning: 20characters :slight_smile:

What happens oif Bobo fire when e.g. Krampus is active in enemy Side (taunt)?

I tried in Raid, no one took damage (taunt) and since Krampus had the highest defense (undisp) it couldn’t get def down. I can’t believe what I saw on screen, hence the question:-)

Happy gaming

I tried Bobo against Black Knight’s taunt and Mica should have got the def and attack down but he didn’t. BK died so I’m not sure if BK would have got them if he had stayed alive

I tried it again against Krampus. No-one got the attack down and Krampus didn’t get the defender down because his defender buff is undispellable.

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Then you confirmed what I saw. Thx

That’s quite inconsistent that the attack down couldn’t be applied. Since Theobald actually could deal damage to a higher health enemy even when taunt was set up

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What’s the best position for bobo? Tank, flank or wing?

In standard formation, I would say right wing. Cobalt and Onyx are beasts in such positions, even though their best special is very slow. So why not Bobo ?

And in the standard-up-side-down formation? (i don’t know the english name of this formation) in the top 100 i saw him in the middle in this formation

I would do the same, maybe. I’m just wondering which emblem path is better for him : attack or defense ?

Yep, slow hero in the middle for reverse formation.

Thx buddies for your advice! And i’m wondering as well which path to go, i’ll have him maxed within the next 2 days

Bobo gives all the three endbosses ailments. It seems that the bosses have the same stats.


Which node at 19, mana or def?

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