Boblin Gallon:Your thoughts on my loot

What y’all think about this Boblin Galoon?

@TGW for your deep and wise council

And anyone else. :slight_smile:

10 emblems at the in-game Shop cost 175 gems. Thus, 50 emblems should cost 875 gems.

A single summon at the Valhalla portal cost of 100 Valhalla Coins or 350 gems. Thus, 50 Valhalla Coins should cost 175 gems.

Since getting 3* troops from the Troops Portal has a 90% odds, a single troop summon costs 200 gems. Thus, a ballpark figure of 800 gems used just to get 4 rare troops.

Now getting the 3* trainer heroes is a bit tricky to translate its gem value. Temporarily excluding this, the previous items would cost a total of 1850 gems. The question now lies on whether 1850 gems is equivalent to $5.99. If it is expensive, then recycle. If it is a steal, either buy it or recycle. Depends on your needs. Up to you.

Just my 2 cents.


Very much appreciated @Ultra. Rn they got 400 gems going for 5 bucks, so it might be worth it in that respective


Personally, I would recycle with that kind of loot. But it really depends on the player as each is at different stages of the game and with different needs and wants. If you are strapped with barb emblems for your GM, BK, or whoever that hero you wanted to emblem, it may be worth that much money. For me, I am at the stage where I can’t get enough emblems too fast for my taste.


Lol. I am mostly FTP. I have spent a little, but under 15. I think i will recylcle it. Wish me luck!


Everything but the emblems is not much more than sparkle dust:

50 tokens is half a summon - likely a DA or a WA; so food.

4 x 3* troops is a drop in the proverbial ocean

2x trainers — same deal it’s a small yay you’ll forget about 2 minutes after you use it :slight_smile:

The emblems — that a nice little cache… basically a node. About 1.25 the amount you’d get from a trail or so… your buying time :slight_smile:

Only you can define if that’s valuable to you or worth the $6 — but there’s worse out there :slight_smile:


Ripoff would be my thought, but I think the whole idea of the balloons is a ripoff :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL you’re tagging me? You already know my answer. But I’m biased on this matter.

Your loot looks better than what I’ve gotten. Whether or not it’s worth $6 to you is your decision.

Some people think it might be worth it for the emblems alone. But that all depends on how much money you have to blow and how badly you need those emblems.

I’m boycotting the thing on principle either way, personally.

EDIT: and I see you recycled it, which is what I would have done.

And it looks like your recycled loot was just as worthless as my own.

But you did save $6, so there is that.


Recycling the chest will give a little less than a basic monster chest loot.

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I’m excited how about you? :rofl:

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