Bobbiedoll's Treatment

Many of you in the game community are aware of my health situation.
Yesterday we received the most amazing news. The new treatment we have been tracking for nearly two years and hoping for is available to me. It isnt FDA approved yet. So we have to pay out of pocket. My doctors are donating their time, facilities, equipment, everything so that all we will have to pay is cost for the actual treatment itself.
If anyone in the community is willing to share my story or contribute it is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time. GOD BLESS.


Hope to meet you in game some time! Prayers sent and chipped in a little. God bless you girl.

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Thank you so much for your support. Please consider sharing in other areas of the community and on social media. Every little bit helps. God bless you!

The support so far has been so amazing. We are almost 10% to goal. Thank you all so much. Thank you thank you thank you.

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We are already 63% of the way to the goal. Myself and my family genuinely do not have the words to express our gratitude. The out pouring of support has been just beyond what we ever expected. Thank you all so much.

Please continue to share and contribute whatever you can. Every single little bit helps. Thank you all so much.

It’s impossible to describe how this feels. The closest thing I can think of is being granted a stay of execution at the last moment. The support of this community has been so amazing.
First treatment is scheduled for Feb 4th at 3 p.m.
We are 69% of the way towards completing our goal and paying for second treatment.
Please continue to share and contribute. Every single show of support feels like another Miracle to me.

We are at 80% of the total goal. I am in the best kins of shock. The support, love and contribution from this community have been overwhelming on the most wonderful way.

Please continue sharing and check for updates. We are planning a LIVE discord party to celebrate when we hit the goal. Invite link will be in future updates as we approach the finish line.

Love you all so much. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thank you all for your continued support. We are so close to the goal. Just 966 to go thank you thank you.

88% towards paying for the first two treatments. When myself and my family put this fundraiser up we thought maybe we would get enough to pay for half of one treatment. The support from this community, our friends and family, has been so amazing. Its overwhelmed us in all the most wonderful ways.
First treatment is scheduled for tomorrow at 4 p.m. will take pictures or video and share with everyone. Thank you all so much.

God is good. Thank you all for all your support.
First Treatment today. Fundraiser is at 90% towards paying for second treatment.
Thank you just will never be enough for all the support we have received.

Treatment went really well. Then we came home and the next day the fundraiser hit 100% to pay for the next treatment. I am so grateful to everyone who helped support us through this and donated. This community has contributed a significant portion of that amount and we are amazed by the community here. Thank you all so much. Everyone who is a member of this community should be proud.

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