Boards are predetermined

Not a complaint, just an observation. I’m a level 70 player and in War or Raids i generally colour stack 3:1:1. but the amount of times i don’t get the tiles of my 3 stack is about 4 out of 5. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want my battles to be easy and i go into battles knowing this and have to hold on until my tiles eventually fall. Just as a rough estimate a battle is 30% strength of heros, 20% tactics and strategies used…and 50% luck. The point Im making is the game knows your team and the board is definitely not random…we play on!


Hundreds of threads on this topic has been created, I don’t know if we need another.

If you can prove it, which is an easy task since you can count the tiles easily, you’d be unique though.


I dunno if this is the correct term for it, but I really think this is a form of confirmation bias. Something we all consciously, or more often, unconsciously do concerning things we are looking for. Tiles, in this case. As the previous person noted, some have attempted to prove this (supposed) imbalance and have been unable to so.

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Here we go again. Show your evidence. Nobody else has, you could be the first! what an exciting opportunity for you!

Though people have run datasets with thousands of examples and shown that the boards are effectively random, the “proof” offered by those who claim otherwise is pretty much purely anecdotal.

If the boards are predetermined, and biased against your team composition (which if you think about, makes absolutely no sense. Why?), then I would not be able to win 80% of raids or go 4/6 - 6/6 in wars in a top alliance while playing strictly mono.

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All purely conjectures and surmises. If and when you provide empirical data of months or a year’s worth of raiding and recording the boards and the different tiles in it showing that the boards are not random, the OP is nothing more than sharing his bias opinion.

Have a read on this:


Nothing is purely random in this game. The boards may not necessarily be predetermined, but there is most definitely a controlled algorithm variable that affects tile color. And here we go again with people in denial responding “where’s the proof? …where’s the data?” I’ve played E&P for over 4 years, multiple times a day, everyday and haven’t missed an event, war or Titan. When you have experienced players telling you something is wrong with the game, don’t minimize their concern by requesting proof. We are the proof. The multitude of threads for years complaining about the rig is proof enough to get off your denial train and start looking at the numbers yourselves. There are so many problems with this game now it’s sad. Too many bad decisions by Zynga and SGG have almost made the controlled coding predictable. So predictable you have many players exploiting the rig now. But we all understand why the rig exists. It’s a casino mind game designed to rake in money by preying on addictive tendencies! So anyone who falls for the idea that a gaming company - who blasts us with spam offers daily - is going to design a fair game that isn’t controlled by well designed algorithm to keep us juuuust underpowered… isn’t living in reality.

The longer you stay in denial and try to minimize any valid concerns your fellow gamers have, the more you embolden developers to continue taking advantage of us and apparently you as well. WAKE UP


I just wanted to point out that as it is one of five colours that kind of makes some sense. Each colour should get a more than favourable board in those sorts of terms?

But this part of the game has been proven through scientific observation as being random, and then in that sense “fair”. If you want to complain about this game I’d suggest the manipulation and psychology used is a better target

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Boards are generated by a pRNG. So while they are not purely random, they are close enough to random that noboby can effectively predict the next tile/board.

The initial board is independent of your team. Using beta images from a year ago, I’ve demonstrated this. @Garanwyn provided statistical evidence long ago.

I disagree that all concerns presented in the forum can be described as valid. The myth of boards being tied to your team makeup is as old as the game itself and has been rebuffed countless times with evidence.


I will also add this:

But folks who believe the myth of team-dependent boards will just say that is a lie, so :woman_shrugging:


So, a counter point.

I’ve played this game for over 2 years and never missed a Titan, war, tournament or event. I raid to fill 2 to 3 chests a day.

The boards have an algorithm to be random but with no match 3. So you won’t ever get an instant move when the board seeds. (Both a good and a bad thing, imaging setting a cascade off with no damage and firing their tank before you’ve even made a move…)

After that the board seeds with one of the 5 choices it has. Nothing I’ve seen in that time makes me believe it is anything but random. I’ve had cascades that team wipe, I’ve had cascades that get me team wiped.

I’ve finished in the Top 500 of events for the last 7 months and if that does anything it just highlights how random the boards truly are.

So I’ll wake up if you promise to go back to sleep. Deal?


I agree that it is not totally random based on observation.
Funny thing, I once mentioned this before to one of the well known players who use to be here and he dismissed my observation as “my mind playing tricks on me” and touted himself as being right because he studies psychology. Wow, all my years of actually working with video games, creating codes for them as a hobby, and actually having recognition for it destroyed by “A guy who takes psychology”.


This is a sterile, Lilliput vs. Blefuscu kind of thread… both sides claim they’re right, based on empirical data, while none of them have actually seen the source code that generates the boards… and even if they did, most would understand nothing of it. So, gents… which side should the egg be broken?!


i am playing exclusive mono color in war and usually win 5/6 easily. there is a certain skill involved on mixing the right teams, that allow you survive and play the board.

if boards are non random would lose more often.

the only thing i note is that the stones that fall are predetermined after the move has been made not each tile is random but the whole calculation will be done at the very beginning. rest is animation.

you can see this when you set a series of cascades the animation is not over but you can check the health of the opponents hero earlier by spressing the opponents hero.

Extreme examples i had occur: very rarely:

  1. a certain color is missing completely at the beginning
  2. no matches on the starting board, so it mixes the board

Excellent point! Except for one minor glitch… only one side has ever provided empirical data! The other side has provided the occasional screenshot and anecdotal references but has not once provided any actual tracked numbers. So if I combine the word of the developer, my personal observations, the empirical data of a number of trusted sources (including myself), plus common sense… I will lean towards the code doing what the developer says it is doing.

And by the way I actually think the code for tiles will be relatively simple on account of there being no manipulation of replacement tiles, and the only manipulation of starting boards being to prevent starting matches. It would only start to get complex if you actually added to the algorithm to manipulate against stacked colors, or non-payers, or to align with the missing colour of the tournament that week…


How about the experienced players observing the exact opposite of those claims? And actually going out and tracking and providing numbers? Aren’t we the proof also? So how can two contrary proofs co-exist? I guess I would have to side with the proof that has the empirical data, rather than the proof that just talks loudly about how it is proof incarnate.

Just how is this happening, exactly? Are you almost winning every raid/war attack, but ending up losing them all? Are you winning half? What is the actual outcome of the algorithm keeping us just underpowered? And how come some of us seem to be so much more underpowered than others?


The quantity of data collected is a drop in an ocean. The number of boards ever played since E&P day one is impossible to write down without using exponential numbers. A few thousands boards is hardly a representative sample. It’s like studying a random tribe and claiming to understand human race evolution. Oppinions will always be splitt on the matter, but nobody will ever really know. Beside, boards might have different generator mechanics for different kind of events. The generator algorythm for titan boards might be slightly different from the one for friendlies, raids or war boards, and so on… truth is we’re all blind here, even if some claim they have seen the light… in the end, what does it even matter?! We’re all playing the same boards.


I don’t really get why they would make you lose.

To summon more I suppose is the conspiracy theory…

But…and a big but at that, people would be far more likely to quit if it truly was stacked against us.

I mean if you’ve played for as long as you claim then you will have come across poor board that develop into good ones. How on earth would they program this? It’s actually far harder to do that than it is to just make it random. Random will bite us from time to time, we all know that.

The far more likely reality is poor choices in the game. Poorly selected teams, poorly played board and poorly used specials. These massively matter and I’ve genuinely seen it where someone fired off Wilbur in a tournament just before the opposing Wilbur fired…that’s got to be a little game changing right???.

So you’ve claimed the game has zero skill factor but I’d wager far more boards are lost because of idiotic play than because the developers have created Matrix level algorithms designed to punish people…


Programing bad boards is actually easy. Just tune down a bit the apearence rate of the color that matches the dominant color on the attacker’s team during the first 10-15 turns of the battle… pretty much done… when your color finally shows in large numbers, creating a false sense of equity, it’s usually already too late to make a difference. Not every time though, some teams resist long enough for the boards to “turn good”… some don’t… not saying this is a fact, but it sure is possible. Nobody knows how upcoming tiles are generated. Except the code writers, of course. And they’re on a payroll, a fat one I presume. I don’t pretend to know boards are rigged or fair, I just believe the company will always do what’s in their best interest, meaning they’ll follow the course that leads towards the largest pile of money.


95% of my losses are because of idiotic play. I see it clear as day when I record and watch it back, painful as it is. But it does make me a little less likely to repeat that mistake, which translates to a little bit higher win rate. Of course the alternative is to blame it on the boards, and never get any better. I can see why people would choose that path, it is certainly the easier one

Well, idiotic board moves might bring spectacular outcomes… it’s all random after all, ain’t it, so you never know what your next move will trigger on the board, you’re just hoping tiles will fall into place the way you hope they will. How many times did you go for a move that would result in a diamond oportunity on the following turn, just to see your plan blown to shreds by a single rogue tile? Too many to keep track, I dare presume.


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