Board shields/conversion/shuffling/diagonal swaps

There appears to only be 1 item (tornado) that alters the board state.
It would be great if there were more ways to change up the board.

I think adding one more item and an a hero ability that shuffles the board would be good.

Other match-3 stlye puzzle games have board gem conversion items and abilities. So using said ability would convert x gems of a color to another color. Potions/scrolls could specify which colors are being converted from one to another, or be random. Hero abilities could convert enemy to ally, or weak to strong, or just any to their own. Lots of possibilities here, but the main thing is altering a bad board to work in your favor.

I also have seen in other match-3 style puzzle games a ‘shield’ on a board gem that when matched prevents it from being destroyed. Just like the ice in the holiday special event, but instead of the ice making the concealed gem not attack, the ‘shield’ would be used and it successfully does match, and the gem can be matched again. Several layers of shield can be on the same gem represented by a small number in the corner of it, which would allow for chain matches.

Single use items that would allow for a diagonal swap or diagonal matching would also be a neat feature.

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