Board reshuffle with a bomb tile

I checked the forum and this didn’t seem to have been addressed before; if it has… I’m sorry.

Today I was Valhalla-ing and at some point I was in a very bad situation with the unmovable tiles.
So I worked out my way to place a bomb tile next to one of the unmovable ones only to find out that, as soon as that happened, the board reshuffled.
After the reshuffle I had no way to get rid of any of the unmovable tiles.

Now… It is remotely possible that I missed something - I don’t record gaming sessions - but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened as the whole point of my last few moves was exactly to get the bomb tile in position.

So I wondered: is it possible that the board reshuffles only in consideration of switching moves and/or not considering bomb tiles or considering them wrong when next to an unmovable tile?
Am I missing something, here?
Shouldn’t the board just not reshuffle if you have a bomb tile on it? :thinking:

I believe this is a very rare occurrence, I’m wondering if anyone has noticed anything similar… or maybe I was hallucinating :woman_shrugging:

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