Board reshuffle, tank gone

I started a raid and the board instantly reshuffled. The tank of my opponent disappeared and the raid went on.
There were no issues after I killed the last hero and I won the raid.
I read somewhere that the code should prevent this from happening.
Has anyone else experienced this? I tried searching the forum

My understanding is that there have been rare instances where people have observed board shuffles immediately at the start of a battle, and that they’re presumed to be the result of the code only rejecting so many normally-invalid boards before just giving you one and letting it shuffle.

That’s just conjecture, but would make what you experienced very uncommon — particularly the resulting matches happening to kill the tank — but possible.

I see. Thank you for the answer.
The resulting matches didn’t actually kill the tank, it disappeared. I tried sending tiles down the middle lane to see if it was still there, but they went straight through.

I believe the starting board generator only guarantees that there isn’t a match already on the board. It does not guarantee that a move exists. If no move exists on the starting board, a shuffle will happen.

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That seems very odd.

I think it would be worth contacting Support if you haven’t already. I’m not sure if their logs are detailed enough to try to determine what happened, but I think it’s worth trying.

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