Board hints suggesting impossible move [VIDEO included]

I don’t know how to reproduce this, but today I got two hints suggesting an impossible move:

Video Url:


Generally the hint shows you which two gems to swap so this is showing a non-legal move hint as the two gems aren’t adjacent.

Unless it’s the new “castling” move they are borrowing from chess.


There’s nowhere you could move that yellow to make a match is there? I assume its a bug and it should be the purple between that flashes

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For sure a bug, the yellow can’t move to make a match.

That video doesn’t show much or am missing something surely the 3 green match would kill that with Kingston on your rosta

The problem is that the game gives the suggestion of moving two tiles that are not next to each other. That is not possible. It should always suggest two adjacent tiles.

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I’ve updated the issue title, to clear ambiguity. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ah now I get yah good point.
Honstely I’d like to turn that off as that does bug me story for another time haha

LOL yeah the suggested move is rarely the optimum move.

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