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How does the game determine the boards you get? What I mean is when you do a raid, sometimes you’ll do one combo and get a string of combos really long and almost decimate your opponent in one move and other times you can’t get anything. Often I feel like the outcome of the raid is predetermined. So I was wondering what selects the boards you get? Is there some sort of random number generator like in a slot machine or is it go by something else?

It’s all random. The only thing coded in is that your starting board cannot have 3 in a row.


Yep loads of analysis has been done. I’m 100% convinced it’s random.

When it seems loaded against you, it’s often because you are desperate for the colour you need and get tunnel vision.

Sometimes the boards work for you and there are beautiful rainbow cascades of death, and sometimes it seems like you can’t get a break.

That’s the nature of randomness.

If all the boards you played worked out the same, it wouldn’t be random :slight_smile:

The skill is moving the tiles to maximize the effectiveness of the colours you need. But even so, there’s a significant element of chance.:nerd_face:

If you’re new to the game, brace yourself for a lot of chance. Please note that the RNG does not care how much money you spend, how much you deserve a 5* hero, whether it’s your birthday or that you feel the universe should treat you as a special case. Make peace with that now and you may enjoy playing for months or years :blush:

Search RNG (random number generator) on the forum and I’m sure you’ll find oodles of threads on the subject.



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This!!! Beautifully said, Bard of E&P



And then, sometimes the boards creates a magnificent rainbow cascade of near death, leaving all your opponents with a sliver of health but also a full bar of mana, and you to be defeated by your own luck. :joy:


The rainbow cascade does not care who dies, only that death is certain!


I have to say every time I don’t use use green I have a board with a lot of green. Then I finally started using green and I removed red. And what do you know the board went to being filled with red. Funny thing…

Confirmation bias is funny that way

Regardless of what anyone says I’m pretty sure that the game gives you a winning board or losing board regardless of your opponent. Just like a slot machine as soon as you press that button although the wheels may be spinning the game knows whether you’re going to lose or not already

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