Board Challange. Can You Beat Mine

This was inspired by @Cheds post of “how many hour glasses can you get”. This is how many diamond tiles, dragon tiles, combo of both dragon and diamonds and tiles of the same color can you get. I got really bored of auto playing and this was kinda of a fun challenge for me to see how many I could get. All of the following were done today. So much for yard work today :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha this is pretty cool. I think I’ll give it a go as well. In the very least you’re getting more reps working/manipulating the board which are valid insofar as getting out of bad tile situations.

Does the game glitch when you explode all those dragon bombs?

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No, I didn’t have any problems with the game. Good luck.

I think I’ve made 11 dragons during a forum contest here. I’ve lost the screenshot though.

I’m in. I’ll bring more than 11 for next post.

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I got stuck at 10 dragons but, at least it’s something :sweat_smile:

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Well I finally managed the Thanos challenge anyway. Always been 1gem short On previous attempts

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