Blunt Force Trauma - Smoking titans, fired up for war - we need 2 heavy hitters

We are a cool, diverse, global family from around the world. Looking for active players to fill our open spots with a couple of heavy hitters with 4k+ HP. It’s fine if you aren’t that high (I’m not personally), but we do need a couple of members who can get there in the near future.

Requirements: 1600 trophies, consistent Titan hits (8* and 9* right now), use all war flags (if opted in), level up heroes, pay attention to chat and participate in conversation as much as you want for help, advice, and fun!

Still on the lookout!

Still on the lookout for a couple of 4k+ heavy hitters!

As for commitment, yeah we are a serious fighting bunch! But we understand life happens.

Our roles in the game isn’t our second job. It’s for fun. So, while we are serious about winning, there’s real life that happens and we get that.

Check us out! Come join the fam :slight_smile:

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