Blunt Force Specialists 88% war wins, killing RARE 10* ALPHA GRYPHON - 12 open spots - **Interested in a MERGER?**

Blunt Force Specialists
18/30 members (if you are interested in merging with us, let me know!)
Trophy Requirement: 1600

Our motto: “Give them nothing, but take everything from them”

We shoot to kill and we need you! We are a cool, diverse, global family in need of active players who are continuously growing and contributing to the team.

Titan hits - Currently at 9* and have all hands on deck to kill anything that moves and whatever comes our way.

War - use all war flags. Opt out if you can’t participate. War rules are enforced.

Otherwise - level up heroes, pay attention to chat updates, use Line if you’d like, participate in conversation as much as you want for help, advice, and fun!

We killed it in our first war! We are a great team and would love to have max capacity! Come join us :slight_smile:

We killed it again in our last war! We are keeping this momentum and would love to have more strong hands on deck! Come check out our open spots :slight_smile:

Another big victory!! Had to let a member go, so we have a spot back open! Come join us and help us keep winning :slight_smile:

Well, we had our first loss in war. No biggie tho! It happens :slight_smile:
On a good note, after 2 weeks old, we are fighting an 8* titan! That puts us on track for where we were in our old alliance. We have tons of room to grow!

Another BIG war win! One more and we fill that war chest! All flags used in war and great teamwork makes us strong. Come help us get stronger!

Another great victory in war! We have lost only 1 war out of 7!

I wasn’t a founding member, and I found their recruiting post. Definitely don’t regret it!

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Another smash and a wild victory! This one was a nail biter and we pulled it off big time!

If you are interested in merging with our great team, let us know! We have 13 spots open and would love to fill up.

Aw man!! One of our alliance members made it to top 3 global rank today!!

We are a powerful team! Come join us and get stronger!!

12 spots remain!
Another team member made it to global rank 7! Our teams are consistently showing up in the top 10 globally!
Come check us out!

And AGAIN! Just now our own Wilhelm reigns #1 globally!!

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