Bluey problem ( not the little pills )

Id like to add Aegir or Frida to my defence team. But which one and who do i replace? Mats are to few and far between! Wilbur goes on all titan teams.

These are the only 5* ive left to level, also a second Aiger and Horghall

These are my Blues, and have Boril at 3/70

Comments and tips are much appreciated thanks :blush:

I think you are looking for advice on your raid tournament defence?

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@HarryDeB No he means his raid defense team.
And it’s Sabina you need to replace with either Aegir as tank or Frida as flank.
Since you already have Bosswolf as the kind of buffer hero, I would advise to ascend Frida.


Aegir for the tournament and your future flank to support Boss in the corner.

Boss Aegir Elk Leo Marja

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Why BW in the corner?

Doesn’t really matter, but if any slow, I put them in the corner.

Does he sth for his nearby? Then definitely flank…

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Marjana, Elkanen, Aegir, Bosswolf, Leonidas.
or in case of Frida:

Marjana, Frida, Elkanen, Bosswolf, Leonidas.

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