Bluestacks Support

Hi friends,

The last time I checked the policy, Small Giant Games did not support Bluestacks.

I’m wondering if there has been any reconsideration? When my phone broke, Bluestacks was integral in allowing me to continue playing (and spending, might I add).


Everybody used blue stacks in Grimmforest… :wink:

I tried it once, but didn’t get it to work properly. Does E&P recognize it and doesn’t start or what happens using it with this game?


It works very well, actually. It used to have its share of bugs, but has been pretty stable for a while now. They said early on they don’t support Bluestacks, but it’s not against their policy to use it.

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“I see whatcha did there!” ~Onatel


Not sure if the game is the issue with your Bluestack mot working.

I use Bluestacks for my game running through my Google account within Bluestacks without issues in my desktop PC.

I am also not sure SG has any say over whether their game runs on Bluestack as Bluestack is an Android software for Windows and anything android should work within it.

This went over my head, initially :sunglasses:
Well done, sir.


Was my first thought, eh, no more blue stacking… What? :rofl:

Second was the app to run android apps on pc.