Bluestacks or PC version?


I play this on my Android phone, but it’s a bit of a pain with the small screen. I’d love to see a version that works on a PC, either in FB or another platform, or a version that works with the BlueStacks emulator. Alternatively, if one or more of these already exists, I’d love a hint as to how to find them, because I’ve so far come up empty. Thanks!


I play it on Bluestacks all the time. Works great for me. :smiley:


PC World bei awesome. For Player though nutzen for Chat even more.


what is bluestacks???.. Google… Hmmmmm

Ok, downloaded and installed E&P… I’m running following specs firstly:
MacbookPro - i7 2.7, 16gb, 1.5gb vram… Samsung 22" curved (it’s the bomb) monitor…
The fonts in the game crashed (wouldn’t display properly) and chat windows were very glitchy. That aside, the game itself performed well…

I have a video, but this forum doesn’t allow video uploads…


Hmmm what version of BlueStacks do you use? I can’t get the app to work on mine …


I use Bluestacks ver2


Thanks all … got BlueStacks working with it … there were some hardware settings in the BIOS that needed tweaking. Something to do with virtual machines … found it on google.


I need to check that out, to see if that’s why my fonts freak out