BlueStacks is now unplayable

At least on my end. The game seems to lock up in-between auto-attacks for a period of time.
I know E&P doesn’t support BlueStacks, and I expect there to be some errors due to that… but I wonder if they’d be willing to at least keep it playable?

BlueStacks is very convenient for us that work from home :slight_smile:

Anyway, just thought I’d throw it out there :slight_smile:

Sounds like you might have to do some work :joy:

Some of us work from home. :wink:

Umm… What is BlueStacks?

It’s an Android emulator so you can play on your PC. Not great for Titan hits, but otherwise is a great alternative for raids, war, and farming.

not great for titan hits is a vast understatement! :laughing:

I definitely miss it. My bluetooth keyboard is helpful, but it isn’t the most reliable thing. The emulator was great for chatting in the faster global chats.

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@Coppersky Exactly. I type like a monster on PC… and a lemur on my phone. :smiley:

I can’t tell which would be faster??
Lemurs are primates and would surely be better typists than Godzilla?

Some kind of experiment is required…

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@vulcao I owe you my life and soul. Installed Nox and have not yet had an issue today. Thanks !

It’s also a LOT faster (and probably lighter) than BS

use it too, but lighter. Sorry to always go attacking the 7DD but I am climbing right now in the game … lengths to all

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No reason to be sorry. Attack away :slight_smile:


Vicioso, Who are you in the game?

Seven Days Condemned

(I don’t want to spend the gems to change the D to a C :wink: )

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:+1::joy::joy:ok good, i’m in RENEGADOS DOS INFERNOS

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Same name, vulcao?

(20 chars)

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Yes, with the same name …

Never heard of BigNox before, thanks!

It’s very good, I liked it :abraços: