Bluestacks free ascension item?


My phone broke last weekend. So, while I get a new one, I’m playing a few days with bluestacks.

Yesterday I saw a promotion in bluestacks where they gave a battle manual for playing 10 minutes …

Free ascension item??


Hate to tell you this but you are incorrect. I use bluestacks all the time, they give you a new card for there own promotions if you play certain games for 10 minutes.

Click on “bluestacks world” and the details are there. I had the same yesterday as well but I have to play E&P for 10 minutes to earn a free card but for bluestacks promotion not E&P


Ahhh, ok, I played tonight and didn’t care about the item. Battle manual is easy to earn ingame. So, they gave me a card? :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I got loads of them - good luck :grin:


Uh bluestcks is the memory monster that eats up system performance and shows promotions every now and then. Better use these bluestacks alternative my personal favorites are Nox and MEmu