Bluestacks and game copy


I have a question for devs about account and what happens because I am going to make a guide for my alliance and I want to be sure what will happen.

I installed Bluestacks to run my account and my game on PC. It installed properly, all ok, but when I run it for the first time there was blank/new account. After restart I had my original account ingame. Is there any risk I can loose my account or have my account overwriten by blank account while doing this?


@Coppersky. Did you cover this once?


Sorry not the answer to your Q but If you are using blustacks the please be aware of this from SG.


This is not question about Bluestacks precisely because I could install game on other phone or tablet and use in 2 places. I am just asking if there is a chance I can loose my account, because at first run tutorial appears and there is empty base. What if I reinstall my phone? Same situation. That’s why I am asking if I’m gonna loose my account which I put lot money into.


Link it to google play


Did you read my post? I managed to run it but at first run (because of tutorial) there was clear base with no buildings. I don’t want my game to be reseted somehow because of that in future.


Please read Petri’s linked post above. While Bluestacks are not banned, they are not officially supported or recommended.


Basically, just always make sure that you are saving your game to Google Play. Any time you are putting the game on a device, make sure that you have logged into the same Google Play account. You can play the same account on different devices, as long as they all save to the same Google Play account. It happened to me, and I have heard a couple others mention that it takes a bit of time for their account to be recognized by Game Center. I imagine it could be the same for Google Play. (Personally, I attributed it to my old, slow phone…)

If you are giving advice to your alliance, I’d also recommend these few instructions as a ‘just in case’ for them. I posted them to my alliance after one of my players had to go through the recovery process.

  1. take a screenshot or save your account number somewhere. It’s on the screen when the game is loading.

  2. Connect your account to Facebook. * This does not save your account! *However, if a recovery is ever required, connecting a new account allows SG to more easily verify that the account is yours. They can take your old account and dump it into the new account you create that is linked to the same Facebook id. (other verification may still be required, but this really expedites things.)

  3. Make sure you are saved to Game Center, or Google Play.
    This is how game progress is saved.
    In the game menu in Options > Settings you should see something at the bottom for save your game across devices. There should be something there that indicates whether or not your account is signed in to Game Center or Google Play. If you are uncertain on how to save to Game Center or Google Play, please check out Small Giant’s Quick Help and FAQ.


Thanks :slight_smile: I will translate your advices to my language and post on our board :slight_smile:


You can also find your account information in-game here, at the top of the page:

Menu > Options > About


You can use AppCast, but I still get the heat issue you described. I only play it on PC now. Using Bluestacks is relatively easy and intuitive. Although it took me a bit to get gestures, etc working as I wanted.


If we don’t want to connect the game with the Facebook (or we don’t have FB), does this mean that our accounts can’t be retrieved if some hazard happens? :thinking:

Assuming that it is connected to the google play.


Only google play or game centre saves your progress. But having your account linked to a Facebook profile really helps facilitate the retrieval of an account if there is a problem. It provides a secondary authentication.

If you lost everything, or you’re transferring platforms you start a new account with same Facebook account. Then SG can more easily see that they’re dealing with the proper account owner. Then the new account can be overwritten with the corrrct account. (That’s just one example)


Interesting… E&P has stopped working for me on bluestacks after the last update. E&P becomes unresponsive. I do recommend everyone making sure they log in on a different device, i.e. their phone and make sure they’re logged in to google play so that they’re game is saved, and only then try to access the game from blue stacks. I would stop using BSs all together if the game still doesn’t load properly…


Ok, I don’t plan to change platforms nor to mess up my google accounts, so google play should suffice?


Yes, that should be sufficient. Do copy down your account number as well. And if you can swing attaching it to a facebook account that’s helpful in the case of a recovery, but not necessary.


I have a problem when I press “import from windows” Bluestacks goes back to home, then it says “starting engine” after it has started Bluestacks stops responding.


@Coppersky any idea? I’m pretty clueless about Bluestacks, other than the very basics…


Yes, I used it, I don’t know anything beyond that. All I know is I was running it on a mac, then it was unable to run the game. Then I could, then I couldn’t. I gave up on it. It does look like Nox is able to run the game though as an android emulator. You should be able to call up your game using the same google play account and password. Don’t need to delete the old game, just add it to Nox. Having said that, just because I don’t believe there would be any weirdness associated with that suggestion… always make sure you’re saved through google play (or game center on iOS), link your account with facebook (it doesn’t save, but it helps if a recovery is required), and a screenshot of your account #. And remember that SG doesn’t do support for emulators.


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