Bluestack bug

Hello SmallGiant Technical People,

I clearly observe very annoying and strange bug when I am playing same account team on Bluestack in office computer.

In Raids, It doesnt matter how other team power they have or how many cups they have and ranking; i am always loosing.

When I play the team on an android tablet, it is fair and calculation of power team and cups they have make sense and giving an idea to combat with the opposit team or not! It has sort of logic to choose.

In a day (24hrs), I had almost 1600 cups but lost 300cups without any exception in 2 x raid (6 games) total 12 matches. It is not fair collect step by step 10-15 cup but loose 45-50 even to weaker teams.

Please check and comment what is wrong?

For one thing, you shouldn’t post private information, and that includes the #U7… account ID. You should delete it from title and from message.

Second, the SG folks don’t provide support for emulators. That means whatever problem you have with bluestacks it’s yours to solve and not theirs.

Third, there is no bug. Not sure how I can convice you about this, though.

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thank you for comments.

  1. what is wrong to share account id on public? i deleted on message though want to know the reason.
  2. i think this doesnt seem emulator problem and it is obvious from my expiremental. If SG doesnt support that it is okay though the background system is still Android.
  3. are you technical person for team? how can you be sure about? i thought i posted a topic on right “Bugs & Issues” can be cheked by team. If nothing to do so we simply forget. But I am %100 sure this is not normal!
  1. Not really sure but that’s what @Rook and Petri always say.
  2. & 3. Yes, it’s Android, it’s running the same code (might be for a different CPU architecture, but it doesn’t matter) so I don’t know why you might think you losing more often on Bluestacks has anything to do with the game.
  3. Nope, I’m a player.

If you tell your account public, somebody may take control over your account as this number is used for identifying yourself. It’s like password for your account.

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You shall not share account id on an open forum because if wrong person get it you loos your acount.
and since more than one person have info on id , how can staff know who is the rigth one.

Only use id when in closed surroundings as reports tru game.

  1. Do not share your account ID on the Forum.
  2. SG doesn’t support bluestacks use, though it allows it.
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Thank you for all replies.

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