Blue war team help

I often get stuck not know what a great 4-1 or blue stack team would be for war and often don’t use my hero’s to their capability. With most defences being really strong now it’s the one colour that confuses me since I don’t have Frida. I do have a level

Here are my hero’s with next to level options and emblem options
I have about 1000 paddling emblems to use and 350 wizard emblems to use to keep in mind for below.

Vela 19
Finley 19
Skadi 7 (though like him surrounded by off colour healers)
Perseus 9 ( I know not great but target healing team with him)
Isarnia no emblems ( worry about her speed)
Ariel 18(usually my green/purple off colour healer)
Ariel 12
costume Kiril no emblems
Costume Sonya no emblems

Next options
Misandra won’t get emblems
Fenir won’t get emblems

Glenda Could get emblems

My gut says Finley,Vela , C.kiril, Ariel Glenda could be the team, what do you guys think?

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Great team. I love using my Skadi with C Kiril because they fire at the same time and she needs the boost to kill minions. I have vela and Fenrir as well and I find myself using Fenrir more. Glenda will be next for me. I have Raff too, he’s my off color healer when I use another dominant color

Seeing you have kiril and Ariel I’d go with Glenda, a perfect complementary hero. Misandra is good but not as reliable.


PS, I’d do Finley, Glenda, Skadi, Ariel , c Kiril

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