Blue-Valen, Greymane / Yellow-Bane, Gan Ju / Purple-Priska, Tyrum, Baltazar



What is better in my team?


Valen >> Graymane
Bane >> Gan Ju

Balthazar> Tyrum >> Priska

so Valen, Bane, Balthy. Do level up Tyrum for when you want a 2nd dispeller or vs yellow tanks/titans.


As the sith say.
The force is great in him. (Uhm, no, wait)


What Dante said.


and in case you don’t speak math/logic operators,

“>” = better than
">>" = much better than


That’s a right shift operator in my book…


I thought it dumped output to file.


yeah, but in this case it doesn’t serve as an operator and I’m not sure there is “<<” variant. In C, Java and other programming languages “<<” and “>>” are common bit shifting operators.


I was clarifying my post. Yes, those are common symbols for ‘much greater than’ and ‘much less than’.

Of course in other uses (i.e. programming) they can mean other things. But let’s not derail his thread with that.