Blue titans

I use fully ascended kingston +6, Liana+3, tarlak 3/70, Hansel +19 and Alby+12 for blue titans.

I have Greg and another tarlak @ 1/1. Who should I ascend to get better titan hits

Dont know how much do you hit for how many star titans. You can start with maxing Tarlak with mana potion, use dragon banner, Time Stop and Tornado. Then wish for green tiles. I believe tile damage is more important then heroes. Only few specific heroes can help you a lot like Tarlak abd Almur.
I use Skittleskull and Melendor for blue titans. I hit 50k-70k to 9* titan.

@BhM greg is a good titan hero. critical chance buff is very noticeable against titans.
level him to 3.70 at least then he can replace albrich, hansel or lianna depending on your preference.

Kingston alone will make the titan weak enough for your team to survive. and tarlak buff is vital, what is missing mainly is greg, Evelyn/almur.

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An off-colour Def down like Isarnia or Grimm might actually help more than another green.

Buddy and Evelyn, I think, are the only green Def down and both are difficult to pull

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Don’t forget Almur, he is also great with elemental defense down


Tarlak for attack up, Gregorion for crit, Almur or evelyn as elemental defense down.

@JonahTheBard You can also use Brienne costumed to defense down.

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Good point, as long as the titans aren’t too big

Agree on Brienne. I used her up to 10s; after that she was just too likely to be one shot.

To OP - finish that Tarlak. He’s pretty squishy otherwise.

I do not have Almur, Evelyn or Buddy.
Currently I have 3 tonic which I will use to ascend Tarlak to max once it is 6. I have another fully maxed Kingston too without emblems.

I do have Melendor at +14 and Little john fully ascended (without emblem) My skittle skull is at 3/18.

Currently hitting 7* blue titans and my titan scores are around 30k to 50k.

For 7s, I’d definitely include Brienne. Hopefully you get Almur before too long.

Until you have Evelyn/Almur and Buddy/Frigg.
You can use Wilbur or Grimm for def down.
For 7* better use Brienne Uncostume + Brienne Costume.
+Attack is not so significant though,… so you can just use Birenne.C

Brienne.C - Alby - Lianna - Kingston - Tarlak
After you get Almur:
Brienne.C - Alby - Lianna - Almur - Tarlak

After tarlak is done I’d max Greg to replace alby. When you get a defense down green that should take top priority.

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Don’t use Alby, use object to stay alive.
Use arrows, bombs for example.
Blue potions to fire your Def down hero.
Use one to increase attack and use potions on him.
I use ranvir always.
If you want one to cure, better Rigard with costume that increase attack too. Or melendor.

Why shall he not use Alby ? This is one of the worst suggestions i read.

  1. Alby has a very decent attack value
  2. Alby boosts mana generation for hero’s

Sorry but i use Alby together with Almur - Tarlak and always average A, A+ on blue titans.

I have started ascending Greg. I do not want to use portions now. What to reserve it till I have a decent titan team and I start hitting higher titan.

Only use healing portions to stay alive and sometimes mana portions.

Replaced Brienne with Hansel.

More over my Alby has a n attack of 791. Where Lianna has 744. Hansel is 779 and Melendor 780 (@ +17).

So should I replace Lianna with Hansel now.

I use Hansel against blue titans, he stops titan’s special attack.

My current team against blue titans:

Alby - Tarlak - Albur - Little John - Hansel

According to the board i usually start with 1 full mana shield with Tarlak to boost the tile damage 100% and move on according to board.