Blue titan attack team

Currently when running against blue titans I roll with the following:

Boldtusk +17 (standard with costume maxed)
Almur +9
Gregorion +5
Lianna +12
Ranvir +6

I have Tarlak from HA10 on the road to max. I also have a second Lianna +2.

What would be my optimal team for attacking blue titans? Would it be worth it to replace Lianna +12 with Tarlak to keep Boldtusk’s attack buff, Almur’s defense debuff, Gregorion’s crit bonus, and Tarlak’s attack buff? or should i replace Boldtusk with Tarlak and forget about the stacking attack? Tarlak’s heal isn’t super important to me, but since tile damage is way more important than special damage on titans, I’m wondering if his higher attack stat plus stacking attack buff is better than Lianna’s higher defense and special damage.

Replace Ranvir with Tarlak.

If possible, add a regular defence debuff (stacks with Elemental - Almur), eg Buddy.

Minor improvement if you replace Boldtusk with an attack buffer that isn’t weak tiles (eg: Rigard costume)… honestly, if you replaced BT with Buddy it would improve scores plenty!

Lianna isn’t doing anything here beyond a decent attack stat for tile damage… Which is fine.


Take out Boldtusk and slot in Lianna +2. Bring along such items -

minor mana potion / mana potion / healing potion / tornado

Order of your team -

Ranvir / Almur / Gregorian / Lianna +2 / Lianna +12

Make it a habit to always fire from left to right. Mana up Ranvir at once in the event of good starting board with 2 x minor mana potion & 1 mana potion.

Once Tarlak is maxed, use him in Ranvir’s place.

Would swap positions of almur and ranvir. You do not want to miss almur’s skill because of ranvir. it is important to fire your essential debuffs before firing ranvir

Best heroes against blue titans are an attack booster (Tarlak, Miki, Gazelle, Ranvir, Wu Kong with costume bonus or Wu Kong without costume bonus), an elemental defense debuffer (Evelyn or Almur), a regular defense debuffer (Frigg, Buddy or costumed Brienne), a crit buffer with decent attack stat (Gregorion) and a tile attack booster (Ratatoskr).

Among the heroes listed above, I don’t have Tarlak, Ranvir, Almur, and Frigg. I use Miki, Buddy+19, Evelyn+4, Gregorion+8 and 3/70 Ratatoskr (who will be ascended after I am done getting 3/64 Lady Locke to max at third tier of ascension, sitting on 19 tonics and badly wishing for Kadilen’s costume or Frigg). My Chameleon is also at 3/70 but I still have to check whether it is a good trade off to lose the strong damage brought about by the nature element against ice in favor of the attack and crit buff to allies due to the lizard’s skills where the blue titan becomes red, which is strong against your green stack.

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Do you have Buddy/Wilbur? I’d rather use regular defense dropper and add banner for attack buff, though I think a healer is always needed on every titan team, maybe adding Melendor over Lianna? Even though you have Tarlak, he also heals.
If you have Buddy I’d suggest - Buddy, Gregorion, Almur, Lianna/Melendor, Tarlak. If you don’t have Buddy, but have Wilbur, I’d go with - Wiblur, Gregorion, Almur, Lianna/Melendor, Tarlak. Wilbur has weak tiles, but gives -44% regular defense drop and good survivability on higher * titans, not a bad replacement if you don’t have Buddy/Frigg.

For me blue titans are second worst titan color and I use - Wilbur, Gregorion, Gadeirus, Almur, Wu
I do take healing potions because I have no other way of healing Wilbur and Wu and spirit link helps to survive for my team. Gadeirus, because he gives 48% attack to nearby allies and I only use 3 green heroes + he heals nearby allies. Though with timestops I take out Brienne C over Wilbur and get rid of Gad and take attack banner instead.

I would just throw Ranvir out and replace with Tarlak and replace BT with a defense down hero.

You can use health potions and banners for BT’s function.

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