Blue tiles not doing damage

Hi is anyone else having problems with blue tiles they are not doing any damage to other defense. Can someone please look into this and let me know

I hate to ask the obvious but did you bring a blue hero?


Yes I brought two blue hero’s

I certainly haven’t been having any issues with blue tiles not doing damage. Can you give us some more information about the circumstances?

  • Raid or war?
  • Who were the heroes on each side?
  • Were any buffs or debuffs active (for instance, Mitsuko–which has sometimes seemed buggy)?
  • Was this for the whole fight, or was it transient/intermittent?
  • Were other tiles acting normally?
  • Did you still gain mana?

Need video demonstration


Can’t record with iPhone don’t have the feature. But no buffs or special skills was active. I sent 2 blue tiles at aegir for the kill no damage then he went off

I had two blue hero’s in the attack

I attacked that defense with those hero’s

I haven’t had any issues with any color tile doing damage when it should.

Was one of your heroes blinded by Joon?

If Zelines attack debuff was active and you were hitting Aegir with blue tiles I would expect very little damage, but still some damage.


No they didn’t go off at the time.

Zeline is a nightmare when she goes off but she didn’t at the time. I’ll try to find out how to record to see if it continues to happen thanks

Which iPhone do you have? If its like mine, go to “Settings” Control Center, then Customize. You can add it there and access it by swiping up from the bottom of your screen


Awesome thank you just did it

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In order to post video, you have to upload it to a site like YouTube and then link it to here.

I just checked it’s just doing minimal damage to opponents I was checking out troops very strong. Damage to my current attack was score low points. But that war attack didn’t register any points with blue. Now I know how to record and thanks for the info on how to upload videos

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