Blue Team 😊

Who should be the next hero?

p.s: No emblem :joy:

β€’ Cobalt
β€’ m.lepus (c)
β€’ Iris

Depends on your emblems available but Cobalt and Costume Master Lepus are very very good heros. Iris I would pass with your excellent blues imho

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I think next should be those troops :grin:, but for heroes I think all choices are pretty good, I would pick iris just so you can get to the dispel a little faster


It’s very expensive but I think I’ll start one day :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’d do C. Master Lepus. He’d pair very nicely with your Morel :relaxed:


I was surprised Thorne was there… :smile:

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Hahaha Reaching the telescopes was not easy. :smile:

I’m so confused

Iris %40
Cobalt %30
Lepus % 30

  • Cobalt
  • Iris
  • Lepus

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yes i agree and C. Lepus to replace Thorne… :grin:

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My first thoughts exactly, when I read the post.

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I’m shocked cobalt isn’t getting the love. He’s flexible, bypasses buffs and he’s a powerhouse. Master lepus isn’t a slouch and he’s fast, but I like the charges the ninjas offer.

I still haven’t decided. :sweat_smile:

Master Lepus Costume for sure!