Blue tank/war set up

I looks like my alliance is going blue which is not a better suit. I was looking at two line ups,
Kingston+6, Seshat+9,Vela 4-80, C-Vive+13, Marjana+5
Kingston, Seshat, Richard+3, C-Vivi, Zimkitty+11

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My only other blues are Thorne,grimm+20, and Isarina

Hiya, how set are you on your flanks & wings?

What does the rest of your roster look like?

In a vacuum Richard is a better tank. Plus he has +3 emblems compared to Vela’s 0

I would also suggest switching the flanks & wings around a little bit:

Kingston -> Zimkitha -> Richard -> Costume Vivica -> Seshat
(Cleanse on Left & Purple/Yellow next to each other ALWAYS when you can)


I threw up my best. but
Purple c-regard+20, Sartana +2
yel: drake +9, Joon +2
blues; all listed above +Kiril+20
Green Morgan+12, Evelyn+7
Red: see above + c-BT+20,Mitsuko& Anzog@4-80

Blue is not my strongest had bu it looks like is for the group which is not uniformly 6+ deep. So we are trying to maximize the strength of the group. We had tried having use put our strongest team but we were getting steamrolled so we went to trying common center which appears to be doing better and at least the alliance is talking.

I’d probably go with this set-up then:

Kingston -> Zimkitha -> Richard -> Drake Fong -> Seshat

I prefer Drake in Flank to Vivica. Has a lot more speed & will cause more havoc than Vivica Costume…

The only conflict I have is Kingston & Richard Debuffs over-writing each other BUT; by the time that Kingston is firing, Richard is most probably dead so… not really a conflict there :stuck_out_tongue:

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will give drake and King the 21% def buf w/11% critical hit solider vs the 11% mana solider which the other three will get (level 16 and 17)

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