Blue tank: Vela or Boril?

Hello! As above… My alliance uses blue tank, and my options are a little limited…

I have a maxed Vela, a Raffaele (not maxed) and… Boril+costume.

Vela is a little too fragile, against a mono green she falls with 3 tiles. Raffaele in my ideas is too passive (ok for very fast wars, but only in that situation).
Boril with costume bonus has a terrific defence stat… So I’m tempted to substitute Vela… What do You think about?

My war defence actually is:

Mother North - Neith - Vela - Telluria - Mariana

(I have a maxed Sartana, Clarissa, Joon, Kingston and Azlar…)

Vela. Her dot and attck down is still deadly. Juat Emblem her and she will still be a good tank

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She is emblemed… 840 defence. But she falls, and falls, and falls…

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Personally i think vela punish more as a tank than boril.

Boril is too passive and average mana. While vela is offensive and fast. If she manage to charge 2 times, opponent will severly injured


The problem is not vela. It is neith that should be changed to joon for ur defense to have punch factor

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So, with Joon or Sartana will be better?

Whichever u emblemed higher

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