Blue Tank, Red Flankers War

I’m sure I know what the set up everyone would use if rocking a blue tank and red flankers war, but I just feel it is too slow. What do you think? Any better options here?

Drop azlar and insert hel+7

The blue tank red flanks won’t be good without green wings.

Personally I’d do
Mis mits Guin hel mn

I’d go Hel for Azlar in your current lineup.

MN, Mits, Guin, Hel, Misandra if you want to switch up.

Our whole alliance is doing a Your choice-Red-Blue-Red-Your choice war defense…

In that case. Azlar is really weak on defense and only works in the wing imo. Elena or BT+18 would probably be better. 2 healers might be overkill but with the emblems, BT can be a nuisance. Elena is weak too but seems to hold up better than Azlar from what I’ve encountered.

Aegir essentially wipes out half of Elena’s Special and has a worse defensive stat than Azlar. I could see doing something like Evelyn-Mitsuko-Aegir-BT-Joon (possibly Hel) or MN-Mitsuko-Aegir-BT-Evelyn but that lacks firepower and still slower.

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Would definitely keep Joon for the speed. Double red flanks on Aegir isn’t a great strategy because it won’t punish a blue stack enough. Until you get a fast red like Marjana, might be your best option. Problem is, there’s not much firepower in it.

If we have 28 members with a similar lineup most people won’t be able to have that many blue hero’s right?

If the entire alliance is running the same setup, it could offset your one weak flank.

I do disagree that running the double red flanks would not hurt a blue stack enough. Mits is one of them. And. blue stacks is what she’s made for. If you can entice a blue stack to hit you and she fires, it’s likely game over for the attacker.

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It can work, but it provides 2 options to stack.
Green - kill Aegir and ghost the center.
Blue - stack for the flanks and kill them both first.

It just seems rainbow is more consistent war to war. I’ve been in alliances that have done both and rainbow always seems to be more effective. It’s just my opinion that double flanks are easier to deal with than a mix.

Additionally, without knowing anything about your alliance mates, you’re losing two top notch defense heroes in Guin and Hel with that strategy. It makes more sense if everyone has a number of options.

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Having this hero depth but being stuck with Azlar or Elena is not ideal. Your BT +19 would be more annoying to deal with than those two.

From my experience, this is a useless strategy. The best defense is a rainbow one at war. A player may use this strategy in raids and raids tournaments, where the defense is attacked once per attacker. But doesn’t make any sense in wars. It is not like the attacker will have greens for the second part, that your red flanks to represent any advantage at all. Many don’t have greens even for 3rd attack. That’t why this strategy is a nonsense for AW.

Besides, you were right; too slow and passive defense. Besides, Azlar is only offensive hero. Too squishy for defenses. Azlar didn’t get to fire against me (when I met him in combat), since last year, when I was a noob and newbie.

P.S. Replace Azlar with Hel. This is your best defense…

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