Blue tank for War, plz advice

I need to choose Blue tank for War.
I have already max Skadi +20, Vela +6, Lepus +20
On 3.70 i have Richard [C] and Aegir. I have arts to put 1 to max and give 20 talents

Other max Heroes to defense: GM, Ursena, Francine, Zeline, Ratatoskr, Lianna, Gefjon, Asterius, Vivi [c], Sif, Malosi, Clarissa, Quintus, Domicja, Ureus, Bai

Can You set the best defense, I cant, to many ideas…


  1. GM, Rat, Richard ©, Ursena, Ureus/Bai
  2. Bai, Ursena, Aegir, GM, Francine

Help plz :slight_smile:

On defence only use maxed heroes, preferably with a lot of emblems. So as tank i would go with Skadi as the self def down of Lepus makes him a lesser tank. As flanks, i would go with GM and Zeline /Francine. For wings i would use a purple and a yellow lets say Clarissa and Malosi because they are vf.

I can take Richard or Aegir max and +20 in one Day, so it is not a problem. Malosi have the same talents then GM :frowning:

For minion horde: Ureus - Gravemaker - Skadi - Francine - Clarissa

For rush battle: Vivica - Asterius - Richard [C] - Ratatoskr - Quintus

For war equalizer: Ursena - Grefjon - Master Lepus - Lianna - Ureus


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