Blue tank for war D

I have the following war defense:
Alberich, GM, Blue Tank, Seshat, Delilah

The choices I have for blue tank are Froida, Aegir, and Rumple.

Aegir currently has the paladin emblems. I could move them to Frida. Alternatively, I could take my Wizard ones from Onatel and give them to Rumple. Thoughts?

Out of the 3, Aegir is the only one suited for tank position imo. Both Rumple and Frida are best suited as either flank or wing.

If you go with Aegir then look at keeping the emblems with him. At some stage though you should consider putting emblems on Frida.

Leave your emblems on Onatel, she will be handy for wars, etc.


What is blue tank? I am new and my alliance says always use the blue tank against Titans or in war. I’ve asked my alliance and even they don’t know…:woman_shrugging:t2:

You fight all your battles with 5 heroes. The one in the middle is considered the tank. On either side is the flank and the edges are wings. During wars, your alliance wants everyone to have the same color for the hero in the middle.

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Thank you!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

You are welcome. When choosing a tank, you want to pick a hero with high defense (shields) and high health. If you wish to screen shot your roster and post it here, there are others that can help you choose the best blue tank that you have.

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What format do images need to be?

Welcome to the forum! You probably didn’t need to create a separate thread as the original one you were on was fine for looking at your blue tank options.

I’m going to flag your post just to see if a moderator would like to merge it to this one…

It sounds like you may be better off in a good training alliance where seasoned players will be able to help you. If you create a separate thread under alliance recruitment, explaining exactly what you’re looking for in an alliance, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of great offers.

Every good training alliance is looking for enthusiastic new players who are willing to learn the game, be active and use all their flags.

Good luck!

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