Blue Stack allowed?

Hello, is BlueStack allowed on the computer? It’s about an Android account I can not control otherwise.

SG allows the use of BlueStack. I use it all the time

If you do a search in this forum there’s a bit out there on it.

Seems that it is allowed, however it is buggy; therefore no support AND if caught cheating you get booted.

Personally I’d stay away from it. Would hate for it to crap out and lose my account and hard work.

Thank you for the fast answer :slight_smile: An okay from a moderator would help me

Never had a real issue with it, and if it did fail it wouldn’t corrupt account

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Fair enough. Still, for me, not worth the risk.

I used bluestack for a while when I started my second account. It really did not work well for me, but if it works well for you, then there should not be a problem.

Do a search, this topic has been covered a few times and the official policy was posted in one of those.

@Rook don’t you use BlueStacks?

Don’t try and hack or change time settings or anything. That’s the fast track to a ban.


OK, here is one of the posts on this. Coppersky (A mod) uses it and Petri (an employee) says its OK. More searching would find the official policy statement if you want to do that. Search is your friend.

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I have blustacks on pc and not a problem except blustacks lags alot its a emulator does the job lets me play whatever.

How does the lag affect your titan battles?
Negatively or does the counter lag along with it?

Game flow is uninterrupted, apologies if my answer sounds as though your game would be affected, this is incorrect I have no problem.

Blustacks lags when it starts up and chews your memory, does not affect any game.

Very cool. Thanks. Glad I know I’ve got an option to use when this POS phone turns into a paper weight and need a week or two to replace it.

Thank you for the many comments. I need this program only once to put the second account in an alliance, then I do not need that anymore

If you do use blue stacks, be sure to sign in to your google play account first, and then install/load the game. That way your E&P account is tied to your google play account and can be accessed from any device with the same google play account. I saved my account from disaster when my phone died and I had to play on the pc instead, because I’d linked it. Just had to fire up BS and go to the list of my games and install it and I was able to pick up where I left off.


No, Coppersky uses it. Using vanilla bluestacks is fine. Using a cheaty mod for it = ban.


I bought everything in the game, I did not need to cheat. thanks for the hint

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Noone’s accusing you or hinting at you for anything, I’m sure. Bluestacks is a useful tool to play Android games on PC’s and that in itself isn’t cheating.

Consider it clarification that Bluestacks as third party program is okay (just unsupported, so if it messes up you’re on your own), but using cheaty stuff as third party program isn’t.

Sure, it’s stating the obvious. So is a speed limit sign next to the road and yet people still ignore that.


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