Blue or Purple? Ali or Fen (or) Cla or Dom

I am making sure everything is even as far as ascending my Legendary heroes, and I just finished Kingston leaving me with 4 Legendary Heroes of each color fully leveled. So I am starting on my 5th to complete my mono teams of every color. Just wondering which color to start with for the 5th. I’m wondering if I should maybe ascend Alice or Fenrir (or) Clarissa or Domitia? And between the two sets should I ascend the Blue or the Purple if I had to choose just one? If I can get another Damascus blade, this wouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately it is the case currently. I hate having more Tomes thank Damascus blades. Ugh! If you would have talked to me a couple months ago it was the exact opposite. I literally had the same ratio of Tomes to Damascus, just switched. Anyway, Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated. Meow, and take care.

Edit: My goodness I can be so random. I apologize.

Fenrir and Clarissa
I would max Fenrir first

But if you put your maxed 5* here this might change

Since they’re going to complete your mono team, I’d suggest listing who the other 4 are that they’ll join. Team synergy will be the key over just which hero is ‘best.’

As a proud owner of 18 Tome of Tactics and ZERO Damascus Blades, I feel your pain. That said, do NOT decide on blue OR purple. We just has the Shiloh Desert Rare Quest the other day, meaning we’re about two weeks away from the Farholme Pass that gives a D Blade. Don’t collect your training camps, make your decisions, and then whenever Farholme drops max both your chosen heroes simultaneously.

Good call. Ok so my Blue lineup of Maxed heroes is Aegir, Magni, Vela, and Perseus. My Purples are Kunchen, Sartana, Khiona, and Ursena. Thank you again for your help.

Edit: I am heartbroken for your 18 to 0 ratio of tomes to d blades. That sucks. I’m so sorry.

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Hmmm…the blues seem like a bit of a toss up and I can see a reasonable case for each. It isn’t clear to me that either fits amazingly well or exceptionally poorly (both fit fine I’d say). I’m inclined towards Alice, mostly because I believe her to be the better hero, in general.

With that list of purples I would favor Domitia. I think her dispel legitimately adds a lot to that lineup. And it skirts the problem of Sartana and Clarissa’s DoT’s possibly overwriting.

Those both are very strong teams and the heroes you list are all viable. If you love any of the four you’re considering or think they’re absurdly fun or whatever, give them precedence.

haha, thank you for your sympathy on the AM’s! It’s fine - we all have a shortage somewhere.

Thank you so much for your advice. I think I will take it and go with Alice and Domitia. As luck would have it, this meowning I got a Damascus blade from the Mystic Vision. LoL. Isn’t that nuts? So now I can do both, but I have barely any ham so it’ll be a little bit before I can max them both up. I suppose you’re right. We all are short on something. Right now for me it’s ham and iron. Oh well. Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your advice.

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Omg I feel like such a fool. I ended up ascending Clarissa due to the blocking of specials for 3 turns. I thought that would come in handy and since she is very fast and Kunchen already dispells buffs and ailments I thought that was the best choice. Anyway. Now I feel like a dummy. I wish I would have done the Blue first. Now I pulled the super secret special hero from the Tavern. Myztero, and he looks amazing. Ahhhhhh. Now I’m gonna have to wait for 4 more tabards and a Damascus blade. I’m kicking myself so hard.

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