Blue mana troops...rarer than other colours?

Right, that was a bug they fixed though.

And I hope Ninja Troop are not in HA9, can ruin my plan for completing mana troop.

Purple mana is the hardest one to get.
If you got one early then you are the luckiest one.
Me got one after around 1 and half years play. After that back to back 2 more. :slightly_smiling_face:.

Sorry to burst your bubble. But Hero Academy level 9.

I got seven in my inventory, only 5 are leveled: 25, 11, 11, 6 and 5. I have fed at least 2 purple mana troops over a year ago. I don’t use gems summoning troops. I only rely on ETTs. The 2 unleveled ones may be retrained in Hero Academy some day.

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OK, correct… I see… I also curious and find this in the OP Thread:
:nerd_face: Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion (updated 4 hours ago).

It is only Mana or Crit.


That was a bug that’s since been corrected. You can no longer get ninja troops from HA9.

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Oh, I see. I guess they changed it then. Then I would not expect anyone anymore to have successfully retrained epic troops resulting to ninja troops from HA9 then.

They were initially NOT excluded from the HA9 retraining pool.

This was a bug (see this thread: [SOLVED] Ninja Troop in Live Game...?)

They said they would remove it from the training pool and I haven’t seen any further reports of people retraining Ninja Troops since… so I expect that they have done so.

Hence now the added note on the Hero Academy Thread (🤓 Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion) which puts the previsor on it being Mana or Crit troops only.


i pulled a second blue mana troop after over a year of playing. Somehow I managed to feed it away … :cold_sweat:

I tried pulling with 5 or so ETTs earlier … nothing.

Then i went on full tilt mode and spent 70 troop pulls worth of gems. Still no 2nd blue mana troop. Sigh. :cry:

So yeah, I agree with you OP.


Interesting… for me it is by far the rarest I only have 1 blue mana to 4 crits . 1 blue mana and 1 ylwa mana those have been rare for me

3 years playing has netted me:

:purple_circle: 1 mana / 4 crit
:yellow_circle: 4 mana / 2 crit
:large_blue_circle: 3 mana / 2 crit
:green_circle: 0 (zero, zip, zilch, nada) mana / 5 crit
:red_circle: 3 mana / 1 crit

So green mana must be rarer, followed by purple :laughing:

I finally got my first purple mana yesterday from HA9. It’s already L13.

I have 1 yellow, also from HA9.

I’ve had so many greens that some have been recycled. And I think I have too many blue now too. Pretty sure I have 5 red.

It’s all random.

Not for me, it’s the yellows that avoid me. Of all colors I’m swimming in blue, ironically don’t use blue 9n my main defense either, and they’re my highest level 4* mana troops too

Just an update…now over 3 yrs for my alt account that led to the original post…still no blue mana and I am now trying HA as well!

On May 22, it will be my third year playing this game. Here is my epic troop collection and progress:

No gems spent getting any of those troops using single or x10 from the troops portal. All 100% epic troop tokens. I may not have a single maxed mana troop like most top players, but planned to get ninja troops to max level instead as they have the highest attack bonus multiplier. HA6 will assist that in making it happen. Ive been hoarding rare troops to level them. I still lack blue and yellow ninja troops. Maybe next ninja tower event.

After three years of playing (with pausing for about 8 months) and spending some money in the first two years, I have:

5 purple 4* mana troops
2 yellow
5 blue
2 red
2 green

I may even have fed some in the past.

But I have still exactly zero Reanimated Master Knights.

So today I got the rarest troop (to me). Never had a Yellow crit troop in nearly 2 years.

It’s entirely pointless as I have 6 mana & 1 ninja but was still kinda exciting to get it

It’s going to be fed to my main yellow mana troop but…

Absolutely disagree here. For yellow healers and against titan I would definitely keep it. Better feed one mana away.

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Yep. I always think crit troops are better used for defense, especially on tanks.

My yellow crit troop level 12 is supporting my Woolerton, blue crit troop level 14 supporting my Lepus, red crit troop level 20 supporting my unemblemed without costume Azlar, and green crit troop level 25 supporting my Telly tank.

I have levelled Crit troops in all other colours. I’ve just found myself using them less and less.

I haven’t eaten it yet so I’ll mull on it

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