Blue mana troops...rarer than other colours?

Yes… I understand about RNG… but am interested if others have the same experience as me

Two accounts…c2p…now 3.5 years old so have had a minimum of 6-8 4* troops in all colours. But…only 2x Blue mana, compared with a minimum of 4 in all other colours

F2p account… about 2.5 years. Have had 4-6 4* in allcolours. NO blue mana at all

Mentioned it in my alliance and 2 other long-standing players (2 years or more) had no blue mana troops but have all other colours. Anyone else have this shortage?


I have 2 blue mana troops but zero red. Which sucks in the current green tank era…


It took me 2.5 years to get a blue mana troop. Every other colour of mana troop was at level 23 before I saw my first blue. Just how it goes. Someone else in my alliance had the same thing but with a yellow mana troop.


I was the same think but with yellow.
Here is another interest old thread: No Yellow 4* Troop- what are the odds
But now, I already have:
Purple: 3x
Yellow: 1x
Blue: 4x
Green: 3x
Red: 2x

And my plan is at least 3-4x mana troop on each color, specially yellow and red. So that, I switch HA10 to HA9 for a while,… it is my 1st retrain in HA9 and will outcome in couple of days.


Been playing about a year. I have 2 blue , 2 green and 3 yellow mana troops. No purple or red mana troops


My mana troops are:
Yellow: 4
Purple: 3
Red: 3
Blue: 2
Green: 0

Crit troops:
Yellow: 0
Purple: 2
Red: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

Ninja troops: none

I’ve never spent gems on troop pulls and all these are from ETT’s. Still no green mana or yellow crit. Don’t care about yellow crit but would love several green mana troops. It’s completely RNG.

Got 20 ETTs saved up for the next ninja event. Hopefully will have closer to 30 by the time the ninja portal actually rolls around.

If you’re missing troops, try to consistently reach top 1% in every weekly tournament. Also fill monster chest at least 2x per day and hero chest 2x per day. Opening more chests increases chances of ETTs and also will let you encounter more elemental chests which may give ETTs. Oh and don’t forget to get the appropriate rank in challenge everts so you get ETTs from placement rewards.


I’ve got 5 troops of each colour except blue (I’ve got 3 4*). However, the green one was the hardest to get.


@PM229 I strongly recommend using HA9 for balancing 4* troops. I used to have mana troops in all colors but yellow, and already collected 2 yellow mana troops (I know, very lucky…) Green was by far the color I had most 4* troops, being 4 mana and 5 crit.

If you put a crit troop, you end up with 55% chance of a mana troop of any color.

I’m still running HA9 for a while to see if I get another purple mana…

PS: blue is the color I have the least 4* troops too!


I’m with you. Same problem (playing for 2 years).


I have 4 blue mana troops but zero red mana troops… so the difficult one in my situation is red.


Oh, I have the same problem here .
I’ve been playing for 22 months ( January 2019) and blue troops are the only ones I still don’t have a full set of … up until now I’ve only been able to get 2 blue troops, 1st one was a critical troop and about 6 months ago I got the mana one.
For all the other troops I have between 6-10 each color, no shortage there… :woman_shrugging:
I’m even running HA9 trying to get these desirable blue but without any luck so far, they keep eluding me:

But then, it also took me 13 months until I got my 1st blue 5* hero even though I was spending money on pulls. So I’m not surprised anymore of my bad luck at getting those blue troops. :joy:


If I were to restart Empires, the very first thing I’d do is spend gems on troop summons. They are the biggest difference between the top and middling players. Get them early and reap the rewards, would be my only, unsolicited, advice to new players. :slightly_smiling_face:


Four players, all playing for 3.5 years, the troops in red have been pulled in the 2 last months.
Some are more lucky than others. We have no problem with blue troops.

I’ve been playing two years in January. At one stage, the game loved to give me 4* red troops. At one stage I had 8 :scream:.

RED : 4M & 2C
BLUE : 4M, 1C & 1N
PURPLE : 3M & 2C
YELLOW : 3M & 2C
GREEN : 3M & 2C

So, with regards to troops I’m OK.


Troops in my current inventory:


7 mana troops (5 leveled - 25, 11, 11, 6 & 5)
2 crit troops (1 leveled to 5)
(Fed at least 2 epic purple mana troops before learning that they can be retrained at HA9)


5 mana troops (4 leveled - 25, 11, 11 & 5)
3 crit troops (2 leveled - 12 & 5)
(Fed at least 4 epic holy troops before learning that they can be retrained at HA9)


6 mana troops (4 leveled - 25, 11, 8 & 5)
4 crit troops (1 leveled at 14)
(Fed at least 4 epic ice troops before learning that they can be retrained at HA9)


4 mana troops (3 leveled - 17, 8 & 5)
5 crit troops (3 leveled - 24, 11 & 5)
1 ninja troop at level 3
(Fed at least 2 epic nature crit troops before learning that they can be retrained at HA9)


3 mana troops (3 leveled - 25, 8 & 5)
4 crit troops (3 leveled - 20, 5 & 3)
(Fed at least 2 epic fire crit troops before learning that they can be retrained at HA9)

All epic troops obtained only with the use of Epic Troop Tokens. No gems used in summoning any of them.


No shortage of blue mana troops here. However, I remember struggling to get my first red and green mana troops. :sweat_smile:

My blue mana troop equivalent was the 4* red crit! I was literally level 79 (more than 2.5 years playing) when I got my first one! 4* red crit was the last missing 4* troop for me. :joy:

Note: I am very c2p, and have never spent any gems on troop pulls.


Yellow mana troops elude me. Been playing about 2 years and have following mana troops
5 blue
3 purple
2 green
1 red
0 yellow

Only ETT for troops no gems.


I’ve had ten Blue 4* Mana Troops, fed four of them to Hero Academy Lvl9. I’m still looking for my fourth Yellow 4* Mana troop for my Mono team.


I have 5 blue mana troops, never had problems pulling them. Red, though, is a different story. It took me I think around 18 months to pull a 4* red at all (crit), then another couple of months for a red mana. Still stuck at 1 each in red…

Unrelated, but I feel guilty when people say they have problems pulling Wilbur, Proteus, Jackal & Falcon - I’ve fed away multiple because I can’t justify keeping more than 2/3 of each… RNG gonna RNG?

My experience mirrors yours. Nabbed my first blue mana troop (or any blue 4* one) 1.5 years into this game. Haven’t gotten another since, but I get every other color troop.

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