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I have 7 farsight telescopes and am putting myself in a position to use them soon. I was a P2P player, then I took a 5 month break (maybe I should have stayed away). Now I’ve returned and intend on being C2P. My blues have the least depth as I currently have leveled 3 - 5 stars that are primarily damage dealers. I have other decent 5 stars (Hel, Jabberwock, Kage, Delilah, Poseidon, Joon, Azlar©, Black Knight, Tyr, Heimdall, Ratatoskr, Lianna). I keep debating between Isarnia (best of the group against titans), Fenrir (overall best blue?), or Rafaelle (to get a blue healer). My alliance doesn’t run Blue tanks, or I would have probably gone with Richard.
Who would you choose? Since I am not spending as I used to do, I am not heavily counting on summoning anyone wonderful in blue soon

I would lean toward costume Isarnia. Top titan smasher and now with more very fast wars and tournaments, she’s very useful.

@backwardzz Another vote for Isarnia + costume.

Regular version for titans (higher % of defense down); Costumed for all other gameplay areas (higher attack stat and special skill %)

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