Blue hero help if you please

I have fully maxed two Ariel, frida ,milena, morel, Loki, miki, frosthy, magni, Lepus, Glenda and Thorne . Can max only one of the heroes below. Who do you think will be more useful?

  • Athena costume
  • Zircon
  • Rumpelstilskin costume
  • Aino

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Voted for C Athena then I noticed you have Morel and Frida so I’m thinking Aino…


I have two ariel fully maxed.

Definitely max Athena’s costume, since she can help dominate titans, then i would follow her with Aino

These are all great heroes you have. Actuallly, with the quality of your roster none of the heroes would greatly improve your blues. Therefore, you could go with Athena for titans, for funsies - with cRumpel or Zircon - for buff tournaments.

Aino is a great healer, but with 2 Ariels on board, you may retire one - so in essence it is a waste of 6 scopes (unless you play with two healers in each war attack, then maybe your roster would still need her).

In case of Athena…you could definitely use her in titan attacks, but in regular form. In costume, she goes a little against Frida with her EDD.

Costume Rumpel has very interesting specials. If you like the fun aspect of the game, he’d be really good in this.

Hard choice, there is no easy answer, depends on what you want to improve.

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I was thinking of rumple as his costume is great despite the random special. Also thinking of zircon to pair him with ruby. For Athena costume is there a bonus in titans while I have frida , morel and I use jott with miki? I mean is she worth the scopes to pair her with Frida?

Yup, but then I’d use her original form and swap her with Morel, because she’d give more defense down (up to - 65%, compared to Morels - 34%.

Zircon is also great to pair with nice buffs, like taunt, Mana gen, because it makes them undispellable. Really annoying On defense.

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rumpel to add new taste to your playing experience


I think Aino is the best but you have great blue healers. So for me it’s either C Athena or C Rump. I voted for Rumplestiltskin because you’re loaded with great heroes and he’s a fun wild card.


Same choice I made for vote.

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I voted for Rump. There aren’t enough different heroes . You have a ton of great ice heroes . Add someone different make the game fun

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